Sunday, June 12, 2005

Things you wonder about....if you were me!

I was driving home today wondering what I could blog about and weird things popped in and out of my head and thought why not blog about the weird things I wonder about. I warn you that some of these might make you laugh, make you scratch your head, wonder why I would even write such a thing, but again if you don't want to get swallowed in my strangeness stop here and come back another day for another blog.... ever wonder why no matter what lane your driving in why the slowest person moves right in front of you.

...if I die, will a lot of people come to my funeral

...why is it that I can't lose weight to save my life but can gain a pound a second just thinking about it.

...why some people that come to your restaurant and order food from YOU and are completely rude and dont' realize that I get their food first, not them....if you know what I mean...(don't worry, haven't done it, only thought about it!)

...why can't their be enough money in the world

...why some people lie point blank to your face and don't give two sh-ts about it.

...when you hit 30 do you really get depressed like everyone says they do.


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