Sunday, June 05, 2005

Aftermath of a wedding

Aftermath of a wedding. Day after.

Haggard looking family members that worked the event, glazed looks of some that are taking a nap with their eyes open while talking to ones that seem okay, uncle and grandfather cooking up a storm of leftovers so they don't waste what wasn't used.

Tonight we all congregated at my uncle Dickys and aunty Nolas house to get together and enjoy each others company. (I'm sure my uncle begs to differ). Everyone was there. All the aunties, the grandparents, cousins and their kids, sister. We sat in the backyard and we had a great time, talking, eating, drinking, and gossiping. Cause that's what we do best. We talked about what coulda been different or what worked out really great. Than it got into who would be next and all the single guys, which was my cousin Kalani and the boyfriends, Matt (my guy) and Didoboy (Leigh's guy) trying to make a pact to stand strong and don't give in...whatever guys. Leigh and I confessed that almost every holiday we call each other and ask if the other got a ring for a gift. Didoboy joked that Kamehameha day was coming up and to get ready for the call. Hahaha, so funny. Anyway, theres some kind of race going on now, which is different for all the girls versus the way the boys are seeing this race. We can't wait to be first, and the boys want to be in back of the line.

It was so nice though just chatting in the backyard, it made me feel so happy inside that I have a family like this that shared so much (my uncle troll under the bridge says too much), with each other. I looked at my grandparents tonight and was thankful because if it wasn't for those two getting together this night wouldn't have been possible.

Well, back to work tomorrow and just getting my butt kicked by work alone.

Ramling On...

The Haggard Rambler

p.s. I know I said i would post pictures of the wedding but I still haven't gotten copies from mom.

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You were and are the bomb!