Thursday, June 16, 2005

things to make you laugh...(another boring blog)

I was looking through my archives of pictures and came across this one that made me laugh. Sometimes I've been the friend farting and sometimes I've been the one in the back taking a whiff of the unexpected surprise.

I just love hanging around people that make you laugh out loud. My friend Denise told me "she laughs out loud at computer like retard" (or something like that) that crack me up.

My friends and I love laughing and when we do it's mostly obnoxiously loud. She was at my work one night with another friend and was laughing so hard, one of my staff members asked if they were high! That's how much we love laughing. (and no they weren't high).

My family lovessss to laugh out loud like retards. Mostly at the expense of another family member and of course mostly meant in jest. I remember one time on vacation back in 1993 the whole family went to Disneyland. My cousin Leigh and I along with my sisters would laugh too much it drove Uncle Troll under Bridge crazy. He separated us at dinner one evening because we couldn't control ourselves when Bob the Indian (INDIA) waiter was waiting on us. "HELLO, my name is Bob!" in the accent that for some reason got us spitting out at each other with laughter.

Well, I am gonna go now. By the way, my cousin Leigh and her boyfriend made me laugh so damn hard tonight when I called them. I guess that's why I blogged about laughter.

The Laughing at Computer like Retard Rambler (thanks Denise'o)

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old person said...

Help I can't seem to paste pictures. I know you showed me but take pity, I'm old, and just a poor stupid woman.