Thursday, July 28, 2005

I think I can I think I can

So, I just realized I used my moms title of her blog in mine. Helllloooo Selena, be somewhat original!

Work is killing me. Everyone is asking me if I have things layed out for the wedding yet and that is a big fat NO. I seem to be working more now that my life seems to know it's important for me to start the serious planning process.

I guess I should use this time now to do that but damn, I'm tired and I just got the female's favorite monthly friend! GGGRRRRRR. That got me thinking about if on my wedding day, please if there is a heaven above, grace me with the absence of my friend during that week.

Tired, exhausted, pooped out


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old person said...

Just do a little bit each day. Pretend it's somebody else's wedding and you're just helping.

Anonymous said...

Okie dokie, your planning binder is ready... we will do coffee this week and discuss whatever you want, put things on paper, and ease your mind - it will be a cinch. You know, always a planner/emcee/bridesmaid/maid-of-honor, never a bride; I got this thing wired baby!


The Rambler said...


you da bomb!

and a lifesaver!

and the bomb!