Friday, September 19, 2008

You win...O messy master of the universe!

I'm beat today. I have lost my will to keep up with my tornado of a daughter. I'm writing this after 4 hard hours of sleep. I left the house yesterday with this place relatively in brain went into serious crisis meltdown mode when I came home. I lost it when I saw

~the living room filled with some of her toys OUT of the basket its kept in. Random toy things in really random places

~The kitchen had more dirty plates

~Someone took my clothes out of the dryer, set to the side and neglected to realize the 4 jeans were still so damp so they developed a funky smell instead of dried in a natural unfunky way...(like it could but wishful thinking)

~bedroom which was so clean yesterday when I left was soooo dirty this morning.

~My give away clothes for Goodwill in different parts of the house.


You win! Uncle, Uncle (isn't that what you yell when your getting your hands broken in that game :) or is it MERCY.

Universe 100,000,000. Me 0.

Look, I'm not naive to the fact that I have a child and this house cannot be clean longer than 15 minutes. But don't we all have a reset button so that when a tired mommy comes home from a long shift at work at 1:30 am she won't have a mini meltdown?

So hence my picture. It's actually how I look minus the coffee. Don't worry, me and the daughter are off for breakfast and leaving this place. My hand shall hold a cup soon.


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Krissy said...

isn't that what a husband is for? to see the dishes and think, "hmm i should maybe wash those." to see the toys and think, "hmm maybe i could spend 1 min picking it up and throwing it into the toybin." to grab the clothes out of the dryer and think, "hmm these jeans are still wet. maybe i should put them back in." it's definitely what they're for but God forbid they actually look around at things and do them. slackers.