Saturday, September 27, 2008

Don't gooooo....(clearing throat) I mean Good LUCK & Best Wishes!

(insert long sigh), I can't do this. I'm getting to old for this stuff. I am a big girl now! Gosh Darn it! (insert long sigh again!)

My baby baby sister is leaving. (again). And it's a little harder this time because we've shared some things as adults that just make you closer.

She's witnessed my daughters birth (and videotaped it...yes, she's dedicated and I'm sure it was through the lens that made her tolerate it.)
She's the godmother of my daughter and they were both baptized together along with her younger cousin Kai Kai.
She was one of the main "sitters" for her when I went back to work for the first year of daughter's life.

I could go on and on and on...and that's why I'm so sad because she's been an important part of my new life as a mom. Since her new job at "unsaid" airline she's slowly weened herself of us but we all still lived together. We ate together, shopped together, and became super geek fans of "THE OFFICE"
I even waited to watch the premiere with her as our last time watching it...(WAHHHHHH!)

Okay, Okay. Baby sister, I want the best for you, love you more than you could ever understand and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming home when you did!

I'm not crying, I'm not crying.....

(sniff...sniff... loudly blowing nose...sniff) the Rambler...

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Krissy said...

awww, i can't imagine how you may feel, but it's always sad when a sibling moves away from you. but don't you worry mary, if you folks are ever in tahoe (like the whole family) and everyone can't fit in sammy's place, there's a great house at lake village in south tahoe with your names on it (that's if nobody's there at the time). here's some hugs from us to you and some waves to sammy as she continues her life in a great new place. =)

Krissy said...

oh yah, btw, nice manu for maddie's baptismal.