Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Man with the Red Hair, you disappoint me!

Yesterday started relatively good. The no soda thing has given me better energy to get up in the mornings with the a little more zing and a pep in my step!

Me and the daughter got up, made her bed, brushed our teeth, changed clothes (and diaper), and decided to go out for breakfast where you go to "PUT A SMILE ON YOUR FACE..." and let her play in the Playground Playland whatever they call it thing. The moment the car comes into sight of her beloved playground she knows where we are going. You would think we won free gas for a year with her excitement! So we pull in, park, unstrap (mind you with a forceful "Muuoom" and eyes that say could I be any slower.) We go in and I wonder why the chairs are still on the table in the play area and say OMG, they're not open for it yet. What? They're always open, well except for that time they had a birthday party and it was only for them......

Back to the story...

Okay, so I stand by the exit door and strain my eyes to the sign on the play area door which seems 100 yards away and read "CLOSED UNTIL FRIDAY for maintenance" (today is Tuesday)..Crap!

Okay, so my cute little 2year old is waving at people like she's the Mayor of McDonalds and turns into Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde the second she realizes Mom is trying to backing out of the door with little colateral damage. She screams, she kicks, she pleads...How do you explain to a 2 year old that it's not open. Mommy will go to the other one....I promise, I promise.

I'm quickly thinking as I struggle to strap her in. Her face seems likes its oozing mucus from every orface due to her massive tantrum attack. I really couldn't blame her. I gave her all of 2 seconds to look at the playland and with no understanding, just left. As I start the car I know I just have to drive in a certain direction and I'll hit 3 other Mcdonalds. And I know 1 of them had the other playland.

Round 2!

We park, she's not sure whats going on but she recognizes the the symbol on the door and I can see her little brain working. When we walk into the door we are both happy. Yeah, playland. Okay our plan, eat breakfast, and than go crazy. We are standing in line, waiting to order, and she's like screw the food, I wanna play. I let her down and watch her try to find the door and all of a sudden something seems not right?

And yes, for some reason this Mcdonalds ALSO WAS CLOSED. No one could tell me except to say I don't know maam. Again, as I pull an even more upset little mini tsunami of tears away from the door to the 2nd closed playland teaser, I felt horrible. She begged like she was sorry if she made me upset. I try to comfort her and look at people and try to mouth the words Playground was closed. Ooo, was the looks on their face in either empathy and or relief I wasn't beating my kid in the car.

I strap her in, AGAIN, and go home defeated. Hell if I was gonna try another one and realized it wasn't meant to be. I vowed to take her to the tot lot by our house later.
On the drive home my poor kid clutched fiercely to her Goofy doll and fell asleep from the frustration of not being able to play. When I took her from her seat, she bolted straight up and yelled NOOO like she had forgotten that she was angry. When she realized we were home, she passed out again in my arms and decided to dream of it for the next two hours of a unexpected nap.

Mr. Man with the Red Hair, REALLY? Gimme a break?!?

You did not make me smile today!

:( ~a slightly irked Rambler. :(

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