Sunday, September 14, 2008

My long last!

Soooo, I'm back! It's been over a year since I've written anything. Part of the reasons are that

1. I couldn't access my stupid gmail account to get to my blog. (I was in a state of confusion (brand new mom brain) when the transition happened from regular blog to this gmail blog thing.)

2. I couldn't access my stupid gmail....O, what I already said that!

3. Damn lazy to try to find it after being so impatient.

So here I am today, and with some frustrated patience I was able to relax, breathe and retrieve my username and password! I was worried I'd have to resign this blog and attempt a new one.

Alright, so my new life consists of being a mommy. You know that if you go back and read some of my past blogs. I absolutely adore it and everything that comes with it. I get told by my non parental friends why do I find poop a fascinating topic of conversation! (Cause I do, and my daughter has issues...).

I recently joined this new mommy club from my local newspaper and it truely has been one of the best things. ( )

The mom's I've encountered have inspired me to write again and to do something about it. Practice makes perfect and hopefully one day I'll accomplish a dream of mine. To them I thank for renewing in me this passion to write again.

I don't claim to be a whiz at vocabulary or grammer.

In fact, I'm horrible. I can't write about anything serious (because I'm not), my IQ isn't of Yale-or-Harvard-knock-at-my-door-and-come-teach-there IQ, but I've written things with my funny sense of humor (at least I think so) and have gotten comments throughout my time that I'm pretty interesting to read. From my smart friends and my serious ones. For them both to tell me I made them laugh is addicting. I want to keep going. Why don't I become a comedianne? Because I'm too chicken to face a crowd and get boo'd...but I'll write and sit and bite my nails and see what comes of it!

Anywho, here's the start over of this.

Peace out!

Rocky da Rambla! (get it, coming out fighting? and my blogger name?...:))

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Krissy said...

yay mary!!!! hey...i'm on hawaiimoms too. but don't go on too much anymore. nice to see you back on since i told you to about 100 years ago. know i won't be so bored at work.