Friday, August 31, 2007


This will be a short one tonight but I wanted to say that I feel like someone was watching out for me tonight.

We got out early tonight from work and I had a co-worker that I was taking home. We had been saying we were hungry the last hour and we would "polish" off our favorite dessert at the end of the night during our "boring restaurant" stuff. When I went to make it, I realized we had run out for the night so therefore we were to be left not feeling completed or satisfied.

We leave work, and mumble to each other that we could eat, or not eat, or eat, or not eat....We chose to eat. We found a local 24 hour diner and sat for about 45 minutes to an hour and than took her home. On my way home, I ran into 3 huge police roadblocks on the freeway due to some accident that had ambulance assisting whoever.

I than come on to my exit and there was a massive accident where it looked like a big commercial vehicle collided with a small sedan and they had become one. There were police, fire trucks, ambulances, and anything else you would need. The accident looked like about what would have been the time I would have been driving through had I not chosen to stuff my face with a grilled cheese sandwich.

It chilled me looking at it because I wasn't so sure all had survived that accident. Could I have come close to that accident? Could that have been my car instead of the smaller sedan? What would have happened had we actually had the dessert at work and we didn't feel the need to dine at the 24 hour place? A lot of questions raced through my brain while myself and the late night traffic were flowing to a fair left median lane to get past the accident. I truely believe someone was watching for me and I'm grateful (and maybe a bit dramatic, but hey, if you saw what I saw and realized you should have been somewhere near this...)

Wow! ~The Rambler.

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