Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American Idol...San Francisco

I'm feeling a little under the weather today. :( Not feeling as Simon-y as I think I could.

Tatiana...pageant queen feeling here.
..Your laughing is a little strange. AI, how long are you giving this girl???? A press kit for the judges? That's your gift? She laughed again. Dang, her voice isn't that bad. I don't think she really knows what they are saying, the contestant, not Paula. They are gonna tear her apart in Hollywood, again contestant, not Paula! (pageant kiss, pageant wave) Creepy Creepy laughing thing and again, contestant, not Paula.

Ugly coat guy...fun personality. You would so be my little sisters friends. Great smile. Whoa. Seriously fun. HAHAHAHA he just told Simon the "carpet" matches the "drapes" AWESOME.

(By the way, I begged my 2 year old to watch this show now and not later...PLLEEZEE, PLLEEZEE. Totally owe her extra park time!)

Jesus/Dad...awe nice guy thing...cute kids brought in for extra support & guilt. He sings Unchained Melody...love the song...yeah, they passed Dad through. Simon just went up a notch for hugging the kid. Whudda thunk?

Rubik's cube guy. How long can it take to do....25 seconds. Wow....um, stick to the Rubik's cube thing.

Rambler side note: San Fran is my favorite city to visit. One, my grandparents are there. Two, half my aunts and uncles (with cousins) moved there so I heart them.

Simon & Cara...hate each other?

The medical heart trachea girl...HA. She told Ryan he was saying traShea wrong until he told her it was traChea. I don't know about this one. (Weird Science for her background music) And she confused Simon and Randy. Bad singing and she said it came from the wrong rectum...(oh crap, I'm dying, HAHAHA, no pun intended) Oh if you could hear what she told the judges about themselves.

Annie Murdock...cute blonde...Sometimes I wish I could visit the place you guys are at in your head. Do you see Paula there?

Hollywood guy...long segment of him...mmm, is he gonna make it or be the worst singer EVER?...Ohh, Cara winked at you...singing Queens. Thank God. I was thinking San Fran wasn't gonna put any good singers out.
Randy. Yes.
Cara. (don't look at Simon.)
Simon. Yes.
Back to Cara. Yes.
Paula. Yes.
OH, a little flirt. I think Cara has the hots for you! (You are cute) MY SAN FRAN Favorite.

Kai Kalama...(are you Hawaiian? A little Iz playing in the background)..his mother is sick.
Mom, you raised a GOOD son! A GOOD man! I almost forgot we were watching AI. Please make it, please make it, please make it. I have tears listening to you. (because I'm imagining you singing it to your mother.) If only my husband could sing. ((Cara/Simon cat fight)) YESSSSS, you made it. Sorry, cute Hollywood guy. You just got bumped one. But your still fantastic.


I don't know. Was anyone else disappointed in today's show? It didn't feel like it had last week's...I don't know the word...che magnific thing? Just me? Am I that sick?

Tomorrow I work. So I'll have to DVR post Lousiville when I get home! A fellow blogger Kels at Authentically Me: Living a Life of Love has someone she knows in tomorrows Lousiville show. Steven. Look for him!

We now resume regular kid fun programs. (Ugh, MOM-EEEE!! Thanks kid!)

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sticky said...

I was a little let down too...fairly predictable...but I still love it...

The Blonde Duck said...

It's like watching the show whenever I come here. :)

kels said...

YAY!! Steven!! I can't wait. :)

Umm... so can I just say I LOVE your play-by-play?! I am cracking up.

I think my fav was, "Sometimes I wish I could visit the place you guys are at in your head. Do you see Paula there?" ahhhhahahahahaha :) too funny!

Cammie said...

I could not believe they let that freak show giggler in the prom dress through.

Janna said...

The auditions that are one hour always seem like a letdown to me... this was no exception. I totally have a crush on Kai Kalama now... I didn't think he sounded like a cruise ship singer at all! But what do I know?

Lady with a View said...

Being from KC - I can tell you that we just rock and nothing could compare!

We scoff at San Francisco - Louisiville? Bring it on.

We have the best bbq...bad football...and great contestants that define magnific!

MammaDucky said...

DANG! I missed it! Thanks for the recap!

Sherendipity said...

I missed half of this one, so the recap was good.
I'm thinking this season of AI is going to be too annoying to watch past the initial tryout and final cuts.
Once the hilarity ends, there might be too much Kara for me to handle.