Thursday, January 15, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #4

Okay...yes...last week was a little "deeper" than I'm known to write.

And I read the comments and was moved by Mrs. Bush's post inspired because of last week's question. It moved me and it was an incredibly touching post! So if you have the time please stop by for the read.

My sister and Tooj had very similar answers and I'd have to say mine would fall in the same category. Having young children and not having them know me like I'd known my own parents.


So, Tooj has agreed to play along and has chosen this weeks question from a book we BOTH have still lying around our homes.

Her: I turned to #192 on page 160.


Her: And if you could somehow work the verification word into the post...I'd love it. It was:


Me: You heard it bloggy friends....if you could find a way to include Tooj's word verification in your answer or just give it a definition...have I mentioned I SUCK hard at making up definitions!

pg. 160 #192

"When you are with your friends, do your interactions include much touching-for example, hugging, kissing, roughhousing, or rubbing backs? Would you like to have more of this?"


I'm gonna do something here I haven't done before....and answer!

The only "touching" that goes on with my BFF's and others are huggings of comfort or congratulations and kisses goodbye.

If I get a back rub, it's because my repeatedly pathetic attempts tired them and they gave in.

And your CLAGGEDity stupid you think this tired mom gonna turn down back rubs!

I'm NOT picky! :) Just make sure your hands are clean.


Ugh, Tooj, that word thing for me was hard...but I tried. Thanks sooo much for the question this week :)

If YOU would like to be a question picker for a future Think About It me and I'll email you some questions to pick from!

11 ramblings of your own:

Janna said...

That was so nice of you to give a shout out to Mesa! It was a touching post.

On that note, my friends and I hug sometimes when we haven't seen eachother in a while... but that's it! We aren't too touchy feely... maybe more so when we drink :-)

Enjoy my comment, after all my word verification is "nosighs".

The Bush Family said...

Thanks for the linky love :) I am a hugger! Especially if I haven't seen you in a long time, then I'm a hug and squeeze! LOL..I'm also a leaner, if we're out to dinner and I'm tired and you're next to me I will lean on your

I'm fun I swear! No, really, I don't do the whole lean on you the whole time invade your space, I'm more rest my head for a minute or my back and then I'm done..lmao!

You think I'm weird now don't you?! Hehehehe

Tooj said...

Well, when I picked this question, I didn't feel like I had a good answer. And then...I remembered. We aren't huggy, but we will do greeting or good-bye hugs. No kissing on cheeks, hand touching or holding. I do all this with Hubs, but not friends. But I did recall a time...back when I was a freshman in high school, I was sitting on the bus next to my BFF (she was just a friend at the time...the B part caught on that spring and into the fall of soph year) going to a basketball game. I was really tired, and asked her if I could lie my head down in her lap and snooze. Well, I should have warned her I drooled too. LOL I think NOW, maybe...that B started then, because she was so accepting of my absolutely embarassing, claggedity moment? So we HAVE been closer than what we pretend like now.

Penz said...

I grew up pretty affectionate. I would kiss and hug my mom by whenever I left the house..I still kiss and hug when I with friends, we do hug...sometimes its a little clagged I must admit, but you get over it. ;0) Anyway, I am a touchy feely, smack your arm kinda girl... :)

Shorty said...

My good friends and I are very huggy...when we say hello and goodbye. We pat hands, touch arms, stuff like that during conversations, but I can't say that we've ever rubbed backs or the like. I'm sure there have been some light smooches on the cheeks when we're bringing in the new year or a special occassion, but that's about as physical as it gets. (I did expose one of my best friend's boobs at a party one time, but it was mostly accidental!) It made for great CLAGGED laughs and conversations later! (ok, my definition of Clagged... a funny, gaggy, laughy sort of description)

Kendra said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my party! I just wanted to let you kow that there is always a reason to have a party. Besides Valentines, in the next month or so you could have an inagural ball, celebrate Chinese New Year, the Super Bowl (or a "Souper" bowl), A Red Carpet (Academy Awards) party, Presidents Day, and I think Mardi Gras is coming up soon. See...there is always a reason to have a party. If only there was the time to plan them all!

Krissy said...

touching my friends. ***sarcastic chuckle*** i think not. maybe kissing hello and goodbye but that's about it. i'm not a very touchy feely kinda person. just ask the rambler. right mary? as for clagged? i have not idea. i'm kinda full for lunch so not really in the mood to make stuff up.

Star Forbis said...

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog today & Laughing with me.
Come back anytime.

Lady with a View said...

This is a complicated - becuase it DEPENDS. If you are a close friend - and we are being all emotional - yeah...huggy and touchy. If I don't know you - you should not be a space invader. If I just met you - a loose hug is okay - but a really big hug - don't think so. I feel weirdedoutotally when women kiss my cheek (I think my Mom is the only one to do that). However - I am very physiclally affectionate with my kids (TONS OF HUGS and KISSES and SITTING ON TOP OF EACH OTHER).

Now - if I have imbibed a little...all bets are off.

the RaMbLeR said...

Weellll, now you are gonna think I'm a freak! Guess I will have to go over and hang with the Bush Family... If I don't know you well then I think we should stay in our respective 'zone'..but with my best buds I will tend to touch your hand or arm briefly...not in a 'I wanna hold your hand' kinda way but in a giggly girl 'you so funny' clagged way! I don't do a whole lotta kissin, maybe a kiss in the air with a hug for the best of the best. ;)

hehe-my WV is taching - so would you define that as the sound of money or to stay with yourline of thought here..'Hey, that chick was taching my @$$!' ......ROFL!!

Becky said...

I'm not a physically affectionate person at all, except with Ted. I NEVER initiate hugs, but will at least reciprocate with an "air gap" in the middle (I also can't stand having my boobs touch another person). I realize that other people might feel a little clagged that I don't offer hugs, even when feeling down, but it's just not me. I'm more about doing something for them.