Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random Wednesday

It's that time...again.


Did I tell you all that I took 4 days off this week? In a row? Holy CRAP I'm so excited about that!


I have two preggo people in my life. So glad. Congrats.


Peanuts? Do they grow underground? Or in bushes, or in trees? This came up at work. I think underground and wanted to wait before I googled it to find out. I wanted some of you to answer :)


A drunk man stumbled to my host stand one morning (8:30 AM) talking about this and that. His friend got a little embarrassed and left not just I'm walking a little to get you to walk a little and leave the girls alone but like DUDE, I'M SO GONE, and your so WALKING BY YOURSELF.


Alright. What kind of person are you?

The kind that TELLS someone they have something in their teeth


The kind that pretends it's not there and avoids eye contact with big black pepper screaming HELLO until you convince yourself its gone....AND then BAAM it comes back again and you start the process all over again?

Just wondering? :)

I'm 80% teller
20% pretender...
but if your an a-hole
100% your on your own.


Until next week...

12 ramblings of your own:

TuTu's Bliss said...

LOL nothing beats a random post. I love it! Thanks, Jen

Anonymous said...

Peanuts grow on trees/bushes? IDK!

And I am totally a 100% teller. I was put to the test one time by someone and they didn't think I would say anything. I surely did! But I'll be polite and discreet if I can. Unless you're my husband and then I will blatanly tell the world you have a booger on your nose.

Krissy said...

uh...i would pretty much tell someone if they had shit on their face or in their teeth. especially if it's a friend or family member. but if i'm mad at you, then most likely not. i hold grudges like that.

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Great Randomness, Rambler. I will tell a person they have pepper (or spinach) on their teeth if I have to spend any time with them. But if they are an A-hole, I'm with you, nada. Will you tell someone their fly is down? I will, well depends on the person.

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I forgot, peanuts grown underground.

Sandy said...

Four days off! Good for you:)
Drunk at 8:30am? Crazy!
I'll tell ya if you have something in your teeth:) But like you, only if you're not an a-hole!

Love random posts!

Katy said...

Man, my post was pretty random as well today.
I like your randomeness today.
Peanuts, underground and then you see them kinda sitting on top of the ground. Does that make any sense....this is just how I'm imagining it when I use to know where they came from.
Ok, that was a completely random answer...random day for me I suppose.
Something in teeth all depends on if I know the person or not. ....and if I don't know them and they seem approachable then I might tell them.

jmt said...

Peanuts are ground growers. George Washington Carver. I studied them, my son has the allergy. LOL Oh, and I tell. I can't bear to have someone looking so silly, and if they're an ahole, then I LOVE telling them because they feel stupid in front of me. LOL

Lyndsay said...

Four days off??? Sigh.

I am totally a teller ... unless I don't know you at all and that is just a little awkward.

The Blonde Duck said...

I love the way your brain works! I tell people if I know them.

What'd you do with your days off? :)

Krissy said...

ooo, ooo ***raising hand*** can i be one of the preggo people in your life?

Unknown said...

If anyone needs four days off, it's you! I'm a teller, well at least for people I know well personally. If I were in a client lunch and it's someone above me that I don't know very well, I probably wouldn't say anything to him/her.