Tuesday, January 13, 2009

American Idol Night

Yep. My name is Rambler, and I'm addicted to American Idol.

You will get a my commentary of who stuck in my mind.

The cute pink haired girl...I like you :)

The crying rocker...geesus dude...man up a little, it's national TV.

The 16 year old that gave me chicken skin...because he's too young to be tainted. So it's pure sounding. He's 16. HE should be crying.

The kid that was was "freaking" out...lol...funny...and then I got creeped out by his singing, including the second song he attempted...sorry dude. Then he got all drama and needed to sit down after the audition. It's all good dude. I'd be all drama right next to you.

The Adopt A Grandfriend girl...MY FAVORITE so far.

Barry White voice sounding guy...seriously? Is that your real voice? Is this for TV? I really do like him though...I'm secretly cheering him on....I don't care what you say Simon!

Etta James singing young girl....your my SECOND fave.

Dang it Bikini girl....I was really hoping your snotty butt was gonna sound bad...but you have a good voice....and you farking made out/force kiss (yeah, that's what I'll call it) Ryan? Erugh. To be young and hot in a bikini again.

Sexual Chocolate (not making it up)..He got a car for trying and NOT making it.

Ohmygosh girl....(you kinda look like my Budweiser rep??) Simon got a new name out of her..Simmie..you couldn't not like her.

Blondie southern sounding gal..Deanna...YOUR MY new FAVORITE. All others move down one please. And a little tear when she called her mama to tell her she made it and (sniffle sniffle sniffle don't cry Rambler, don't cry Rambler)how proud she was.

Horror movie making guy...CRAP...you can SANG!!!!

Don't hate on me....I give ALL those people credit. And BFF you BETTER smack me down if I ever tell you I think I can sing and I'm auditioning....(ALRIGHT, I know I'm too old, but you know! Whatever!)

18 ramblings of your own:

the RaMbLeR said...

You are cracking me up!

You might want to seriously check into AIA and get some help. Huh? What's AIA? American Idol's Anonamous

The Blonde Duck said...

I can't watch it. The bad singers are too painful! :)

Jodi said...

You are too funny! Love your thoughts. I only caught a little bit of it, but I did see the bikini girl.

Cammie said...

loved the chick with the pinkish hair. hated the new judge

Katy said...

Totally loved Amer. Idol last night as well. I agree, I teared up on the blonde southern girl as well. Love her!! I also liked pink hair girl as well, but not her big dot things in her earlobes...the look is always creepy to me and imagine what they'll look like when she's old. Yuck, but liked her.
I loved all of this A. Idol talk...I just eat it up.

Martha said...

You are way better than Simon! Great commentary!

distractinglybombastic said...

I also love AI, although I'm less excited about it each year.

I think Bikini Girl mouth (there was no tongue)-raped Ryan. First of all, you know he's not into THAT, plus, she probably has some sort of human scabies, heheh

sandy said...

The show was great! The cryin rocker looked like he was in a Halloween costume. Like if he took that bandana off his hair would be attached to it. LOL! It never gets old does it?

sticky said...


I knew we were super secret BFF's!! I totally agree on all points...Couldn't your hear Ryans thoughts when bikini girl was forcing herself on him? "i don't wanna kiss a girl, I don't wanna kiss a girl!!" And when the camera guy almost fell over filming her at the end? I wanted her to be bad, so badly!!

Sherendipity said...

I missed it and that makes me sad. I wonder if I can download it from somewhere.

Lady with a View said...

I had to go look at the clips because I am a die-hard BL fan...and of course..they are on at the same time!

The bikini girl was OUT THERE..OMG...what was she thinking???

Honestly - I have a really hard time watching people making fools of themselves. I cringe and sometimes have to put my fingers in my ears because I get embarrassed for THEM. I start watching American Idol after they get to Hollywood.....I'll have to record it though!

Penz said...

Thanks for the update. the freakin DVR didn't record it last night !!! UGG!!

MammaDucky said...

First things first. I think I love you. Mostly because you verified what I have been feeling...that I should make TWO birthday cakes!
I like the southern twangy girl. I teared up too.
Bikini girl could sing...kinda. At the end of her audition (when she tried to battle with Kara) she got really pitchy. She won't win...ever.
I see no mention of, and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the roughneck guy! Who expected that voice outta him? NO ONE!!!!

Janna said...

LALALALA (watching tonight, can't read this yet)!

I'm verrrrrrry far behind on my TV viewing. Thank god for DVR!

Janna said...

I sent one already... it didn't go through.

I can't read this yet because I haven't watched yet (thank goodness for DVRs!)

amy (metz) walker said...

What did you think of Jason Castro's brother? Or did I miss that?

Also, what about bikini girl! Yuck!!! Couldn't stand her!

amy (metz) walker said...

HA! Ok, I just reread and I missed the bikini girl one somehow...she was ok...but I cracked up that Cara called her a B**** right there on national television!

And MAJOR force kissing!

Michele said...

Love the comments. I love American Idol and can't wait to hear your thoughts next week! :-)