Saturday, January 24, 2009

200 and still going....

Holy 200 posts already? When did THAT happen?

Don't worry, I am not going to post 200 interesting things about myself. Lord knows I couldn't even begin. It makes me yawn and my short attention span gets a little antsy when it thinks I might attempt it.....HELLO, miss attention thing...back over here, please.

But what do you write to mark such a momentous post? (Ha!)

And I figured I'd start (and stop) with the question...

Why blog?

Originally this blog was thought of because my BFF showed me a friend of hers who blogged ("what's blog?" "Girl, you need to get out more! On the Internet" )... and the blog thing evolved from staring at THAT girls page, with admiration for someone who put out their real thoughts for others to see, to convincing myself and some family members into creating our own.

1 aunt, my mother, a sister, two cousins and myself. 6 blogs were created.

Something for us to read, laugh, and to encourage each other as women and family in our writings. Who better to critique your writing then your own familia?

We told our stories. We laughed, cried, whoa'd, and enjoyed the chance to be in each others lives without the big parties and even bigger clean ups.

We knew nothing. About blog. Graphics, posting, templates,blog etiquette, what do you mean ANYONE could read your blog. How? Why would anyone that doesn't know me WANT to read it?

It was fun/frustrating while it lasted.

One by one though, we slowly stopped blogging. Somehow something got in one aunt's computer (through the blog, my uncle proclaimed, stupid girls!) and she disbanded from our writing group. Soon my mother followed because if her sister's computer can be infiltrated, well so could hers....and probably cause my uncle called us stupid girls again.

Not sure.

Soon, all that was left was me and my little Ole' blog. I kept at it for a bit. Learning, trying to figure it out. I found myself enjoying the diary/journal/web log thing. I wrote for myself mainly and started critiquing myself. It rivaled my diaries of my teen years.

Then I got pregnant, (news came 2 weeks prior to my wedding). And slowly, I fell away from this place my words called home.

My words...they tried a couple times to get comfortable here again. But it had to take a back seat to becoming a new parent and still a fairly new wife. I think it knew we (me and words) weren't ready yet. I was still trying to figure myself out.

Two and a half years later I joined a mommy site and found a support for how I wrote I never quite got before. Perfect strangers found what I said, important, witty, comical, humorous, and insightful. My words found a place to come alive again. The outlet for my feelings had been reignited.

I thought...Do I dare attempt this again? What if I can't follow through? Like before!

But me and Words had a conference call about it and we felt ready. Ready to release all the pent up letters that formed words that formed into my daily thoughts. It was time. We put on our Sunday bloggy best and started out...for bloggy land.

It's like riding a bike...(I hate this expression because I suck at riding NO, it's not like riding a bike)...let's go with...Its like eating chocolate...(much better Rambler).

You forget sometimes how delicious chocolate is and when you take that first bite (again) your reminded of how much you enjoy it. (chocolate and blogging).

I poked around a little and figured how the 2008 version of blog life was supposed to be like. I spit polished the laptop keys and away we went.

Never in a zillion years would I have expected anyone to read what I wrote. And I NEVER expected anyone to hit that Follow me button thing. I put it there because other blogs put it there but didn't understand it at the time. (And now secretly I stare at it and hope someone likes me enough to click it).

And the bloggy people I've met...WOW.

You guys are some of the best people a girl who's never met face to face could ever have. I learned a lot from them all. And continue to every bloggy day!

Don't worry I won't post 200 things I've learned from XYZ blog person. (Cause it would not be justice to only post 200 things when I've learned so much more).

I blog because YOU make me feel good about writing and expressing myself in a place where it is heard and read. YOU make me feel my words ARE important and that this small fish doesn't feel so small in the big pond!

Cheers my bloggy pals! (special thanks to BFF and Becky)!

To the next 200 posts! (God help us :)

20 ramblings of your own:

Sandy said...

Wow! 200 posts is incredible! Congrats!

Cammie said...

happy 200!!

Maki said...

Aw I was soooo looking forward to your 200 things about you! Damn it! LOL. That's great - 200 is one big milestone!!!!

Cheers my GF and here is to more!!

MammaDucky said...

Wow, you "spit shined" your laptop? Doesn't that gross you out? Don't you have a thing about saliva? Or is it cuz it's your own, its ok? Oh, oh oh yeah. Happy big 200!!!!

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Congrats on making 200 posts! That truly is GREAT!

If in the right group, I have found blogging to be great therapy and one truly can find amazing people through blogging!

Shorty said...

Congrats, my bloggy bud! As you know, I love your posts. Can't wait to read 200 more!

jmt said...

It's a wonderful outlet. AGREED. Keep it up - we all need to hang onto our dear, bloggy friends!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your 200th post -- glad you started back up and have kept up with it! It's hard to describe how fun it is to "meet" other bloggers and build this rapport to people that don't blog. I've been blogging now for about 4 1/2 years and most of my blogroll now has been around for over 3 - 4 years, so it's pretty cool to see their kids (or grandkids grow up), get married, offer advice when times are difficult.

Sticky said...

Very glad you decide to tough it out. Love reading your rambling...
And from one follower to another - you've done amny of those things for me, so thanks, girl!

Loud Spirit said...

I'm glad you found your way back - or I might never have known about "tita" and my duaghter and I would not have dissolved into giggles Saturday when we actually used it. Congrats on 200!

Krissy said...

go, mary, go!!!

The Blonde Duck said...

We like your ramblings! Congrats!

Erin said...

That's right - blogging is like eating chocolate.

Happy 200!

Lyndsay said...

What a wonderful "blog" explaination. I feel like I could have written that word for word (well minus the aunts and mother part) ... just wish I would have found the words to say it first. Now I don't need to, LOL!

Sherendipity said...

Congratulations on the postiversary!!
I'm glad you made that first step, and I'm glad you came back and kept at it.

Anonymous said...

Well hot damn and congrat on the 200! If you weren't a 4+ hour flight from me, we could celebrate with chocolate martinis! Glad you find so much enjoyment in this. And don't forget how much happiness you bring to others! Via this blog and our emails!

Safire said...

Happy 200 posts! (over here from SITS)

Hccm said...

Happy 200th

Hugs and Mocha,

Unknown said...

Seriously, how cute are you? Congratulations on your 200th post. I am very glad I clicked the follow button!

tangobaby said...

Congratulations! Milestones like this make us appreciate what a wonderful outlet blogging is, and how many special people we meet along the way.

Here's to you and your next 200 posts!