Wednesday, January 28, 2009

American Idol....Jacksonville

I love when Simon and Ryan banter back and reminds me of me and my sisters.

First contestant....he looks like the Justin Gerdinnie (what what, I didn't really start watching Idol until the Fantasia/Jasmine Trias (Hawaii, represent...)time)...
Oh geesus...just sing already. Oh a little Marvin Gaye. Why does he have to rub up his tummy like that...Yah okay "lets get it on" It's kinda strange. Simon called him Inspector Gadget. They all say Yes...

Cute dog girl. (So far I like the dog better.)...lets see. She's so cute. Simon looks like a dog lovah. I don't know if I like her singing (she's better then me, but that's not saying alot.) The boys said yes...The girls...are.making.out. WHAT...okay,back to the show. They all say yes.

Paula's drunk.
I'm pretty sure. (anyone?)

Shakka Kan girl...yikey

Cute confident girl with mom....only 16...awww...darn...not good...they bring mom in. Simon is telling her she's horrible. They're so nice. It's cute.

Oh crap. Someone with a crown and a sash. (no joke)..She can roll her tounge. ruffles with ridges, remember that commercial. Do they still make Ruffles?...I like her voice...not sure the judges do. They don't like her laugh. Paula took her behind the AI banner thing the contestants sing in front of. Probably trying to make out with her too....and they all say YES.

Commerical Sidenote: PIzza hut commericals...are they real? Like really do all those people really think their eating the chef's cooked food and then Pizza Hut springs on them?

Darren...the ambassdor of friendly...yikes his pal didn't make it so he's pretty bummed. he's crying...Theres NO CRYING in IDOL! (well, alright, I lied, at least save the crying for AFTER they say no)....he's singing "It's so hard to say goodbye".

Thank you Simon for stopping the guy.

I need to pee girl...brings friend in to meet Randy...cause the friend LOVES him. What the hell is going on..everyone is sitting on everyone's lap. Ryan on Kara, Paula on Simon and friend on Randy. All this hype girl...and you SUCK. Is this a joke? No, really. Looks like me and Simon agree. Simon just made her cry. Everyone BUT Simon joined in the group hug to console her. I really thought she was gonna be good. What kind of friend lets you audition when you sound like that?

Day 2.

Another 16 year old Jasmine Murray. She's pretty. All her sisters are pretty. MY FAVORITE. I got chicken skin in my cheeks. They all loved her too! She did Fergies Big Girls Don't Cry.

Amish looking guy...Ryan trying to be funny, this guy trying to be serious. Realizing they don't understand each other. Amish looking guy loves physics....can you say ackward, Ryan? What, he's only 18. Don't ask him questions Simon. (ugh, you did)...He wants marble floors in his simple home in his wildest dreams. Simon trying not to laugh made me laugh out loud and it's 2am. (shhhh).
Simon asked if he'd sung before in front of his friends.
Amish guys says yes.
Simon, what did they do.
Amish guy, they rock climb and have different interests!!
OMG, I died. Er, Amish guy Simon meant what do your friends DO when THEY hear YOU sing. Yeah, the strangest one so far. It's funny to watch him with Ryan.

Anne Marie...she's sucking up to Kara. she sings a song she heard at Kara's concert. Oh, nice. Simon asked her to star up and come back. Cause she sounds good, looks pretty but to glam it up.

TK...cute cute guy. Big smile. John Lennon, Imagine. I'm smiling. God, I love this song...I like him I like him....Simon no like.

My dog is curled up next to me on the couch...he can't even stay up.

Michael...loving on his guitar. I like him in the before his audition segment. He's freaking OUT cause he can't sing with his guitar...he's crying. WHAT?? I like him. I think. He looks like he's gonna cry, don't do it. I'm confused...ohhh, they said no. I thought he would have been OK. Despite his anxiety over not having the guitar.

Pretty Anne Marie is back. She did her face up, tossed up the hair and put cute shoes on...Simon totally likes her. I LOVE HER. She's a tie with my other FAVORITE. She sang Bubbly by Colbie Coilat.

Well this wanna be judge is tired. Here's to tomorrow. And a day closer to Hollywood.

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Sherendipity said...

1. I HATE the pageant retard.
2. Freakybeard/amish dude was AWFUL.
3. I love love love Anne Marie. She's going to take the entire thing. Especially since it's a girl's turn to win this year.
4. They should have let guitar guy in. They were just being jackasses.
5. STILL hate Kara. Hate her.

sticky said...

Great recap (as usual). I'm looking forward to Salt Lake, only because I used to live there(briefly) but I'm kinda getting tired of the audition shows. I'm ready to get the the drama that is Hollywood...

Even my 5 yo is saying "oh no, I KNEW they were gonna go to Hollywood..."

sandy said...

Idol Rocks!

Melissa said...


We had to tivo last nights show because we were working late. I was soooo looking forward to watching it after the kids went to bed.

STUPID COMCAST!!! The entire program was skipping. I just deleted it after trying to watch the first 10 mins. I was getting a headache. I've already got a call out to have our box looked at. GRRRR

Kalei said...

uhhhhhh, u r such a dork! I havn't watched idol since violet was born.... but secretly, I wanna watch it too....only so I can make fun of Paula, and the bad singers.

I knew someone who used to wait on her in an LA restaurant....he said she was a bad tipper and was very rude to him. (he was a Clay Aiken sort of fellow, if you catch my drift) Oh well....

YKDWhat? said...

hahaha "Paula's drunk. again."

I was thinking the EXACT same thing!