Thursday, November 06, 2008

Dear Dad,

I watched a show today Dad and thought of you. It was about a man that claims to be a medium for the people on the other side. He is the communicator to the living to help them be validated in their lives. He assists the "other side" by helping them help "this side" to move on and enjoy what's left on "this side". I've watched him before. I wonder. Would you'd come through if I ever was in that audience?

If your a believer, you'll grip onto his every word as he tries to translate the cryptic messages for deceased. If you believe, you'll cry when he hits the bulls eye with the key word that lets an audience member know they are the fortunate one to have their loved one waiting in line to get this "communicator" to pass on their message. If you believe, you think for a second was the message really for me? I mean I'm sitting on my couch with tissues watching a woman receive a message from her deceased father and I can't help but relate to her story.

Today, this man with the show said to his audience that sometimes you get a sign and maybe it's "them" saying hello...or maybe it's just what it is, a gentle breeze in the wind, or the bulb burnt out because it was time. One never knows.

You have a popular name, but I don't always hear it. And when I seem to miss you the most, this work truck passes by with your name as part of it's logo. I've turned down a wrong road and I always (from a different direction each time so I don't realize it) and the street I find myself on has your name for it's street sign. I laugh sometimes and whisper to myself "Hi dad!" when I'm on that street. I don't know how I get there, I just do.

I write this knowing I won't get a response. But it feels nice to write your name down today. Dad. Daddy. ((sigh))

I miss you Dad.

Your daughter~The Rambler

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Unknown said...

Awww..that's sweet. I agree in that I think they continue to watch over us and let us know they're there, in their own way.

Kalei said...

First: grab a tissue: really, you'll need it.... =)
So let me tell how I know Dad is with us. Two things, first the day he died I saw him wave good-bye. He was at the school near the baseball field and I was in the outside part of the gym for P.E. It was the day after my b-day and I was excited he had come down to the school to see me. I waved back and I told my teacher and he said I could go say hello.....and when I turned back to go after him... he was gone. I shed a small tear now, but I was a little confused at the time. when I got home later, it was pretty obvious something was wrong by the notes on the door.
the second time was when Eric's mom was dying from Cancer. She was in the final stages and had only a few days to live. Eric called me and was crying, he said his mom was holding on, and couldn't let go. He said she seemed like she was holding on, because she was scared for everyone else. He told me the doctor gave her 72 hours to live. I bought my ticket and called him to say I would be there in the morning. About 1 hour after that call I was in the Walina apartment chas and I shared and everything went black and it was Dad and me alone in this dark space. we smiled and I began to cry and told him how I missed and loved him and how I knew he was a guide to people who couldn't let go (Aunty Nohea told me this) He smiled and I told him about Eric's mom-Susan. I told him how she couldn't let go, but how it was her time. She was in so much pain. Dad disappeared and Susan was standing in front of me, she and I shared some words and then we said goodbye. Eric called me 45 minutes later, crying and said she had died 45 minutes earlier. I knew he hadn't wasted a moment in granting my much so that long goodbyes didn't happen. we didn't chat about how things were, it was a request and an answer.
In the first story, I knew dad was there for us, he cared enough to say goodbye. I think he showed all of us that in his own special different ways. I think I am a visual person. I am kind of more open to "that sort of thing" and you are more about words. He probably shows you in the things you read, or the stories that you want to write.
The second story showed me that whenever we "really" need him, he will be there. and this is what makes me feel unburdened by his absence.
He is there today in your daughter. I see his spirit in her. I see it in my girls too. Although I didn't know dad like we know mom, I remember that spirit of his and that smile. I remember his humor, something all our girls have.

So Hope you enjoyed this and that it didn't leave you sobbing, it should make you smile.

I love you sis