Wednesday, November 05, 2008

No Matter What...

Today is November 5, 2008. History has been made. I can tell my children and my grandchildren someday, way in the future (my daughters only 2), I, me, the Rambler, was a part of that process.

I've read some blogs tonight that I completely agree with. And that's writing about politics. It's slightly uncomfortable. For me, I tread lightly on the serious stuff and things I'm not 100% sure about. I was horrible in grasping Social Studies. My teacher probably labeled me "that" kid that just won't get it. I could never be apart of a political debate team because I can't begin to scratch the surface of politics. That said, please understand this blog is one of just a person who for the first time was involved in a process that really made her feel like an American, made her feel excited about the shift in change this country is going through.

My husband came home early so I could race to the polling place. I felt silly because I put some effort into what I was wearing and wanted to wear blue/red to show some color of the United States of America. I went through 3 outfits before I settled into what made me feel like I was a woman who was serious and on her way to vote. Nervous, I went to the wrong polling place. Confused, I didn't see my name and worried that I wouldn't be able to place my vote. Excited, when I was told by the super duper helper that gave me the go ahead to place my vote. NEXT DOOR at the OTHER polling place. Oops! Big smile, was handed the ballot with my super secret privacy sheet and told to go to any open poll booth, and when finished to stand in the other line to have my ballot go through THE machine. Stupid smile, I watched my ballot go through THE machine and saw the flag flash on the screen letting me know my ballot had been accepted and counted. It felt important. I felt important! Cheesy, I know, but I felt proud.

I almost felt a little emotional about it when I walked back to my car. I sat down and stared at my little stub you tear off your ballot and was like....Whoa.

No matter who won, history was going to be made. Either we would have our first black President or the first female Vice President. Knowing that, I can tell my daughter, confidently, she can shoot for the stars, the sky is NOT the limit!

~The Rambler!

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Lady with a View said...

Rambler - as I sat on my couch and listened to the speeches I was so touched by the demarkation of what was transpiring. We are not the same today. I got chills when I listened to Obama...the work will be hard, long and not without sacrifice - but what an experience - we've made history.

Becky said...

I voted in the mail here so it wasn't as much of an event -- but I had to crack up at you changing three times :)