Thursday, July 09, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #25....Who bugs you?

Friends...YOUR comments were so fantastic last week with the whole would you or would you not want a tail?

Housewife Savant said...

We recently had our long-haired cat shaved which is Just. Too. Easy. [but go ahead, insert your joke here].
It's called a Lion Cut, and his tail is so SWEET I'd surely want one just like it.
Screw function.
I'm all about the swishiness.

Housewife is one of my favorite ladies that is so brilliantly witty and snarky! I always so look forward to her comments.
Mama Nut said...

Well, I suppose what kind of a tail it was. If it was like a dog's dail which doesn't seem to have a function besides letting everyone around it know how it's feeling, (okay, and probably cool themselves off and shoo away flies) then I would probably tuck that sucker in, in an effort to thwart being a completely open book. I prefer a little mystery. BUT, if the tail is a functional one like a monkey's or a gecko's then I would totally whip that baby out and multitask away!

Chuckle. You know, it would be good to have an extra thing (aka..tail) to swat the flies away when I'm too lazy to bend down and swat with my hands. But I'm so with you on the mystery thing :)
Martha said...

I don't want a tail, I have more than enough "Junk in my trunk" without more stuff back there. Heck, my cat doesn't even have a tail, she's a Manx.

I don't know why but you made me think of Sir Mix A Lot's song...OH.MY.God. Becky...look at her butt....I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny...
Thanks. Thanks for that. :)

Vivienne said...

If I could tuck it UP through my shirt, I would use it to stuff my bra. Otherwise I would probably just pull it up and tuck it into a ponytail to keep it out of my way, like the rest of my hair.

Buwahahahahahaha....this was my absolute top comment for sure on uses for a tail if we had one. You my friend are genius :)
Shan said...I've been racking my brain for a suitable question. Now that it's all stretched out and kinda dry, I've realized, I used a couple of good ones recently in a class I teach:
Can you tell us about a person who irritates you?
(This came from a recent trip to Vegas... ahem... and was very cathartic for me and apparently for the people in class as well.)"

I chose this question because this past week has brought one of my employees to an all code red type of annoyance at work that even before she walks in I prepare myself mentally for the exhaustion that I find myself in when working with her. She's one of those people that just says something in a tone that just scratches the nail across your brain. And the evil in you comes out.


Okay friends. I'm curious. Anyone in particular?

Thanks so much Shan @ Counterfeit Fake for the question!!

27 ramblings of your own:

Juls said...

Okay, hopefully she won't read this...but, just in case (see how paranoid I am?!)

My sister in law refuses to watch her kids. When we have family get togethers, she lets them do as they please. That means going outside alone (they're 4 & 3!) and my mom lives on a highway!!! I just happened to walk outside, and see my nephew and when I tried to retrieve him....he ran to the road!!!! I almost died from running so fast. Because her kids are not shown any boundaries...they don't listen, and they frequently throw fits if they don't get their way....she also has moved baby sitters with them at least 10 times in the last six months. She abuses baby sitters by leaving the kids too long, or asking if they can watch them extra...and eventually (not after very long) they quit on her.

I kind of want to take my niece and nephew from her...but it's kind of like it's not bad enough for a CPS intervention, you know?

Okay, if I have to change my name and go into witness protection because she or someone in my family finds out I wrote was good knowing you! :)

Saskia said...

This question is easy-peasy to answer.


Urgh he is the most horrid man IN THE WHOLE WORLD.

~ He has the biggest beer gut
~ And an egg shaped head
~ He is red
~ He bought his wife from a website in Thailand specialising in pretty young wives for rich red old men
~ He has "enemies" by his own admission
~ He knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING and is NEVER WRONG of course, by his own admission (and no one else's)

And yesterday he told me off for using a paperclip instead of a stapler!!!!!!!


And breathe.

I'm looking for a new job. Looking really, really hard.

Saskia x

Shorty said...

Holy Cow, I'm feeling for Saskia...

My biggest irritator? I'd have to say the ol' mother in law. Fortunately, she's not around often, but she usually leaves a little trail of heartache for my husband when he makes plans with her, or when holidays come around. and, yes I see her in our future... this weekend when her mom comes to town and we are supposed to all get together. The MIL is one of those ladies who has tons of facial wrinkles because her face is in a constant state of distress, like the world is bearing all its weight down on her. She lives alone and seems to love seclusion so I'm not sure what brings her so much misery, other than her strange mental state....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

A person who irritates me? I'll have to come back later when I can narrow it down.

Tooj said...

The fast guy in traffic.
The slow guy in traffic.
My stepson's mother.
My stepson's grandmother.
Sometimes my husband.
Sometimes my children.
Sometimes my siblings.
Sometimes my parents.
The KKK.
The Neo Nazis.
Lindsay Lohan.
Perez Hilton.
The Real World cast.
The Bachelorette casting directors.
Punk a$$ kids today.

Did you want to know why?

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I am absolutely irritated with employees at grocery stores (like in the check out lane) who act like they are there doing you a favor by scanning your damn lunch meat at the pace of a snail. OH MY WORD!!! Ever since the Walmart started asking if our cashier greeted us on the cc machine display I've started noticing it more. It's like in the job qualification or something. Needed: Grumpy middle-aged woman or pompous teen to throw laundry detergent into the same bag as the fresh fruit and to bitterly stare me down as the forgets to double bag the milk. Grr, WALMART!! GRR.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Hmmmm How big a risk should I take here...

Small risk. There's a colleague who gets on my nerves and she is moving into the same building and office as me next year. Totally irritating, but a good persona nd not evil at all, so I suck it up and take her in small quantities.

Huge risk. Some of my closest friends. Love love love them as girlfriends. Hate hate hate them as parental busybodies. Two of my closest girlfriends are extremely controling and judgemental of how I (OK - other parents too) raise kids. I'm completely uncomfortable reciprocating, and it is not like I don't have amunition. No one is perfect and especially children and teenagers have flaws. My duaghter says it is because I am too nice and let them. But it drives me nuts.

Aunt of 14 said...

something for you on my blog!

Aunt of 14 said...

I don't know if this person reads your blog, but if she does, oh well. This is a place to be truthful. There is a "friend" of mine that has irritated me so much, my teeth are grinding into a caveman's and the hair on the back of my neck is perpetually straight out. Chalk-board-scratching-kind of irritating. She thinks every single thing I do is a sin, she thinks everything I say is evil, she thinks I am for sure going to go to hell because I don't follow her particular religion. Eff! I try to teach her to respect each person for their own beliefs and their lives.... but no, she will not have it. NOBODY is going to heaven except her.

How is that for irritating?

Janna Bee said...

So many of my coworkers make the hair stand up on my back. Lazy, annoying, disruptive and most of all SMELLY! I could write a whole book on my annoyance. It's lead to many eye-twitchy days!

Life, Love And Lola said...

My soon to be EX husband
My soon to be EX MIL
My soon to be EX BIL
My soon to be EX SIL

That's why I'm getting rid of all of them!

mo.stoneskin said...

Who bugs me?

The colleague who smirks to himself, while I keep on silently working hoping that he won't share because he talks incessantly but then he keeps smirking and proceeds to tell me about it.


MammaDucky said...

I would say my MIL, but that one kinda goes without saying. Let's move on to the FIL, shall we??
My FIL doubles as my boss. Sweet jebus, if I weren't hanging on to the simple fact that one day we'll own this company, I would lose my mind.
He is THE WORST businessman ever. I'm starting to think he's purposely driving the company into the ground to spite me.
P.S. He also smokes in the office KNOWING I'm asthmatic and also did so while I was preggers with his grandchild! What an ass.

Valerie said...

Everyone!! lol Well not today anyway. Today I have to say my older sister - she just has a jerk for a husband and I just don't' understand why in the world she puts up with him!

Brittany said...

I can not stand that woman in the bathroom stall next to me that is on her CELL PHONE!!!!


Does your friend really want to hear me go to the bathroom?!

Take it outside!

Kathy B! said...

I'll tell 'ya... right now it's my hubby. We were at dinner with friends and the husband asked my DH if he could come over on Sunday to help him with something. My DH said he'd ask for a HALLPASS.

WTF?! I NEVER tell him what he can or can't do. I go to extremes NEVER to do that. SO not cool.

I don't think he meant it, but still...

Grand Pooba said...

The MIL for sure!

Shawn said...

This is WAY too easy!

It would have to be the bass player in my band----and I am in the car right now with him traveling to NJ!!

He has these fits of freak-outs where he lays into you and starts yelling at you---its scary, to say the least....too many drugs and alcohol, I am thinking.

Hmmmmm.....maybe we should post his picture up for all the young kids to be afraid of---you, know, if you drink and do drugs, you could be THIS MAN SOMEDAY!

Bee and Rose said...

People that ask my kids why they aren't in school if we are at the library (on a homeschool trip)...hello!!! Ask me...the parent! Then they proceed to rant about how awful it is to home school!!!!

Kalei said...

Ha! I bet you know my answer....especially this week! I changed the locks to my home, but he has been smart and stayed away...he has not called either. I think hes a big fat chicken! =)

Bring it on! His presence exhausts me.


Shan said...

Hahaha! These answers are very reminiscent of the ones from my class. Here's the sand in my oyster that will someday (hopefully) become a lovely pearl:

My husband's best friend and his wife... and said best friend's sister and brother-in-law made plans for Vegas. We're close enough to drive, so we made plans to join them.

I'd never met the sister and her husband. The first time we met up with everybody I didn't say much. We were at a black jack table and I was happy to be able to sit and watch since I'm not a gambler.

Away from the table, however, it quickly became apparent that every time I *did*or*said*anything, the sister... who's name I cannot remember... SNEERED.

I now refer to her as Sneering Woman.

Half expecting Tom to say I was imagining things, I told him anyway. He said she has done the same to him for the 20 plus years they've known one another. Plus, I have a photograph that I took before we went upstairs for dinner... a dinner that we all agreed was going to be casual, but that she put on a shiny shirt and some heels for.

Lovely outfit, ugly face.

Alright. I'm ready to move past her now. LOL

Becky said...

I'm having issues at work arleady. Apparently someone below me felt entitled to my position, and despite threatening to leave if she didn't get it, they still hired me and she's still here. So, she's being really difficult to work with and since it's apparently been a long-standing issue (not just me), it's coming to blows this week with some upper level meetings. Not sure how it's going to play out...

ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

my sister. and her husband. i love them dearly but . . . what was i thinking inviting them on my dream vacation?

Anonymous said...

In all honesty? I annoy the sh!t out of myself. Sometimes for no particular reason. Other times for too many reasons to list. I think if I didn't know myself, and I met myself, I would really annoy myself. I think I have a love hate relationship with myself. and now, I'm not going to talk to me for the rest of the day because I said I annoy myself.

Megan said...

I've got three and one of them isn't human.

My neighbor behind me. Smokes and it comes in my windows. He sits out on the deck in the early morning and late at night hacking his lungs up and disturbing my peace. And his frickin damn dogs that bark their heads off about 23 hours a day. I could shoot them, but then I'd get in trouble.

My neighbor to the right of me. Him and his motorcycles and motorized scooters. He sits in his drive way and and revs them and then him and everyone else (all the kids and some of the adults) take turns riding them back and forth and all around our cul de sac. Makes me want to pull my hair out.

These are all like nails on a chalkboard to me. Seriously!

Martha said...

My wienie neighbor is on the top of my annoyance list with his crappy placement of satellite dish blocking my itty bitty view of Santa Monica mountains from my home office desk where I spend 30 plus hours per week.
Also, men who think Its All About Them always and in all things.
Enough already.
I <3 Rambler.