Monday, December 01, 2008

It's OVER...Goodbye Nablopomo!!

Yes, Nablopomo, you have officially kicked my a$%! Betcha thought I was gonna drop...well, you can kiss my behind, cause I'm still standing!

I'll admit, there were times (many) that I stared at this computer and stared and stared. Got up, played with my daughter for inspiration and to know I'm loved, stare again during her nap, (wait, but I want to take a nap too!!!!), stare, start a post, stop the post because it was uber lame, stare, watch TV, make dinner, entertain my daughter again for know!

But I'm gonna tell you the best part of this thing. I have blogger friended a lot of different people that I don't think I would have. This door has been opened (and no matter how hard you push me out, I'M NOT LEAVING!).

Thank you Nablopomo gods for showing me I can be creative and when push came to shove, I have the stamina to keep up.

I have one little thing to do tomorrow for one of my favorite SITSa sites. After that, I'm on a 2 day VAY-KA! I will re-enter my normal life in time for Christmas and will enjoy.

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Lady with a View said...


Becky said...

Great job posting everyday -- I don't know how you kept up with it. I used to post much more often and then I just couldn't keep up.

Maki said...

Honestly, I give full respect all the people who post everyday - that is called dedication.

Congrats my friend, you did it!!!