Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Wednesday

Completely random moments by me.

Look, my Boyphone took this yesterday! I'm telling you, I fall in love with it more and more everyday....not as much as my daughter but its a close second :) with my hubby falling right behind it. (shhh, please don't tell)


I went behind the TV the other day because I noticed Baby Jesus from the Nativity set had been flung there by "accident" via Lil Rambler. Strangely, I whacked my head hard enough that I blurted out "GEESUS CHRISTY"...and then stared at the Baby Jesus in my hand and thought

"Uh, weird".

And then whined more about my head...then felt more weird because, ahem, Jesus went through was a really strange thought process. Really. I heart you Jesus.

And of course told myself to not forget to blog about it.


I ran in a Marathon this past Sunday. The Honolulu Marathon. My time....10 seconds.

It was tiring, exhilarating, unexpected....

Alright, actually me and my employee needed to cross the street to get to our job. 14,000 runners were "hogging" the road. I asked the police officer if they had "breaks" in the run so people could cross. Without calling me a moron, he suggested to run with the pack and slowly zigzag our way to the other with my jeans, sweater, and a large mommy purse (cause you know that's how us momma's roll :), and my fellow assistant, dressed in flannel, long pants and a large awkward size backpack, entered our first marathon.

"Uh, Squezee....Hehe, pardon, just need to..... oops sorry did my purse...morning to you too....good day huh?....soorrryyy, just need to....AAAA, made it"

We high-fived each other and laughed so hard we almost pee'd our pants. Maybe not her. She's 19. My I-gave-birth-who-ha-thing down there doesn't quite clench as good as before. TMI?

(Mental note to self again...Don't forget to blog about it.)


I have a Charlie Brown Tree....on our table....I have a cute Lil dog that enjoyed tearing up all gifts his first year with us and mistook the tree for an outside fire hydrant and peed on it. So to avoid confusion and additional cleaning of torn up wrapping paper we decided to use the table that should be used for our dining purposes (but is not) for our Christmas Charlie Brown Tree. ((sigh)) day with a bigger place, this may not be the issue.


3 years ago today before this moment, I was running around like a crazed lunatic, trying to do everything, getting my hair did (thanks Sterf), my makeup purdy (thanks Dee) and my table assignments redone (loooong boring story), my dress on (thanks BFF, FLS & LBS).

Happy Anniversary Honey!

You work this morning, I work tonight... :o sigh again...two ships passing in the night.

We'll get our anniversary on this weekend! Promise!


For EVERYONE that left me very sweet and kind comments yesterday regarding my dad's birthday....ONE BIG HEART TO YOU ALL! This bloggy land has been a great place and I've met some really wonderful random people!


I believe my sister is still giving away stuff still so go check it out.


Tomorrow is Think About It Thursdays....don't forget to check it out!


Oh, Oh, and on my sidebar I put the funniest thing from the funniest blogger...SHE. IS. FUNNY!
It's bloggy talk. We ALL have to have our bloggy talk.


Birthday wishes to The Bush Family!!!!'s gonna be good! Promise!


And that folks, is all she wrote!

19 ramblings of your own:

Megan said...

What a cutie!

LOL Love your 10 second marathon. That's quite the accomplishment! Go you! (and your assistant)

What a beautiful bride. Happy Anniversary!

Your Charlie Brown tree is just too cute! heehee

Kalei said...

TBBGIIMC! Thats great! Hey happy Anniversary! also, when I saw your comment I thought, there is no way she got the day off to run the marathon, unless she worked afterward, than I thought, she wouldn't be done in time to make it to the closing shift, then I thought, who would watch lil rambler, than I thought, mom would have said something, then I thought, THERE IS NO WAY SHE WOULD HAVE RAN A MARATHON! Not because you couldn't of course, just you have other things that occupy your life right now, and you can't just "do a marathon"....It's something people train months, years, decades know what I mean? It is more of a Boss thing, not a Rambler thing.....maybe we can run one next year....and when I say "we" and "run" and "next year" I totally mean someone else, at some speed of movement, and anytime in the near future.=) Love you!

Maki said...

I didn't see you for a couple of days and look what happen!! Plenty of good stories to read :)

Aw your daughter is such a doll - so pretty!!!! I can't stand it.
Look at her pretty face - looks like her mommy:)

And I always love to see your wedding photos - put some more, honey!

Krissy said...

it's ok mary. i'll be TMI with you and admit that sometimes my who-ha-thingy doesn't hold pee as well as it used to. =)

Tooj said...

And I was so set to congratulate you on the marathon! LOL I started training for one but wimped out with an injury (even if I hurt more than life itself and far more than giving birth, I still consider it wimping out). And yeah....the woo-ha - I used to love trampolines. :( I can't love them so much anymore...or at least not right now. Baby 2 is still too freshly squeezed.

Lyndsay said...

Okay, that first pic (and her shirt/dress?) is darling!

And I'm glad I'm not the only one amaking mental "blog about it" notes, LOL!

Lady with a View said...

I gotta get me one of those boyphones.

Your baby is sooo very cute and that wedding picture...made me want to oooohhhh how sweet.

Hope you have a happy anniversary this weekend!!

The Acting Mom said...

Visiting from SITS.
Your tree is super cute!

Janah @ So Not Mom-a-licious said...

Your phone pictures make me want to throw my camera over the bridge! When you mentioned the marathon, I started thinking "*sigh* another one who loves to exercise". I just want you to know that if you ever need a marathon partner I am there! And hey thanks for this funny post - JHTMF. heehee.

Joanne said...

That Baby Jesus story had me cracking up! Your daughter is such a cutie! Hopefully you won't have to run through anymore marathons anytime soon...but if you do 10 seconds is great time! :)

Happy Anniversary!

kels said...

1) your marathon story=HILARIOUS!

2)HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I hope you find some time to celebrate it! :)

B said...

That picture of your daughter is too cute, and her it. I need to make something like that for mine.

Shorty said...

Thanks for cracking me up! I really needed it this morning, which if you read my "all i want forever" post you'll understand why. I appreciate your humor sooo much! And, I agree all these bloggerland friends are wonderful. It's so nice to share details and have people actually enjoy that you're sharing with them. Ok, I'll get over my "mushyness" for now. Have a great day!

Penz said...

Your always bringing a smile to my face when i need it most...thank you.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

May I just say, you crack me up, woman! From the Flying Jesus head-bonking scene to the 10 second marathon, I was LMAO!

MammaDucky said...

Ah yes, laughing so hard you pee. Good times. Us Moms get the MOST FUN! I hav a nasty cough, which as you know can result in similar accidents.
Your boyfriend takes awesome pictures! I'm so jealous.
Happy Anniversery!

The Rambler said...

Megan~ I like to think she's a cutie :) And thanks and thanks.

Kalei~LOL. If I can put a coffee IV while running we are so there.

Maki~I know, even I was like, when did I post last?

Krissy~MARY we passed TMI longggg time ago :)

Tooj~To our who-has!

Lyndsay~It kinda was a short dress when she first got it and her little growth spurt made it a shirt :) The shirt/dress came from Roxy Teenie Wahine line.

Lady~Every girl needs a boyphone :)

The Acting Mom~Thanks. I doo love it.

Janah~I'll give you a holla if I intend to strap on the marathon pants. :)

Joanne~I was laughing later about it, then wasn't sure if it was appropriate, then laughed again, then thought maybe I should get my head checked out :)

kels~ :) hoping for a celebratory weekend with the husband.

B~I love when people compliment my baby :)

Shorty~You know I'm good for it.

Penz~ Hoping the smile lasts today....

Krissy said...

i don't think that you can technically put "The Rambler" and "Marathon" in the same sentence. The Rambler in a marathon. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!




btw, my verification word was "boned". she said boned, heh...heh..heh...heh...heh

Angela said...

Such a cute post. Happy Anniversary, too! That's cool that we share that special day :)