Thursday, December 04, 2008


So today, while at the post office, the Boyphone and I are waiting in line to mail something off to LBS in Tahoe. My Boyphone dings...alerting me of email. (Squee, I love email, and I LOVE my Boyphone).

I check...(Squee, AGAIN)'s a comment for my blog.

I LOVE hearing what people have to say. The comments and the awesome people that deem me worthy to follow are what drives me to want to do this.

(Major record screeching to stop, dead silence in my world)...What? My comment is not such a happy one? But...But...But...huh? No, I don't get it, I'm nice. I love all people, animals, nature, girls AND boys. I thought.

The poor postman had to deal with a very detached Rambler. He had to tell me twice my postage was going to be $4.80 and not a zillion dollars. I'm sure he thought I was high on whatever these kids are doing now days.....I pray I didn't send my LBS's package on the 10 year plan for delivery.

Anywho, back to me and my not so happy comment. Me and the Boyphone frantically tried to leave a comment back trying to make peace. His comment mentioned that I didn't spread the love amongst some of the men that might read me. I realize he, the commenter, was a husband of a woman that followed my blog. I was completely flattered as most of the people that follow or comment have been women, with some exceptions (Ben & Andy...these guys are like the funniest rock star blog dudes EVER! Yes, you are!).

I've been drowning in this all night long trying to figure out how to approach it, or should I not even worry about it. The later didn't seem to fly with my voices inside. Talk about it, vent about it, WRITE about it. That's it, I will dedicate this to my guy who wasn't happy with me today. To show I care. About him and his opinions.

And for that...


I wave the white flag and hope we can go back to before the post that turned you against me (a bit to dramatic?).

Why do I care, some of you may ask. Because I actually do like this person's blog. And I'm a completely insecure person who feeds on positivity...and just because I hate when someone doesn't like me when I like them....(WAAAHHHHHH).

Alright. Mr. Unhappy with Me, please leave me a comment. Let me get back to before I was in the post office. Pleasseeeeee????

Signed....The Rambler

p.s. did I totally misread your comment cause that would really have made this a different day?

17 ramblings of your own:

Ben said...

Ben and Andy for the win!

Kalei said...

Uhhh, sis? Which post? Now everyone is going to read each comment page looking for the comment. Or did you not post it publicly? Tell them/I mean me. =) That guys a jerk (jk) for not being nice to you. =) This isn't youtube where you can tell someone to kiss a donkey in the ass.

BTW: Do you think the word verifications are real words in Latin? or some other language? my word today:ireardi

Shorty said...

I'm so sorry you got an unhappy comment! Hang in there, more totally positive ones are on the way...I can feel it! You've got tons of funny stuff on your blog so I'm sure the fella will be back even if just thru his wife to check in with you, and I'm sure positivity will flow!

Have a great day and you should be getting an email from me....

Btw, I'm still waiting for my family to respond to my questions!!!! WTF!!!! I think I'm getting the "I'm too's the holidays" blow off.

Shorty said...

Ok, so I can't email you b/c there's no link that I can see. Email me at when you get a chance. I need to send something your way and I need an email address if that's ok.

Andy said...

Wow he did a number on you. I can understand, though, as I've dedicated an entire post once because I called a reader the wrong name...
And thanks for the kind words. I hope you enjoyed the Mad Libs today.

Maki said...

Wow... I don't know which comment nor I will try to find it, but that is nice that you try to correct the sitaution?

I don't know what you said to make him unhappy, but I love your blog, you know that!!

And you're right, if you misread his comment, this post would totally be "Huh?"


Becky said...

Without knowing what the comment was, it's hard to say if you're overreacting. Sometimes I realize that I might interpret things a little more dramatic than what the person might have meant, particularly when it's in writing and things always seem to come across more bluntly.

the other issue is that you don't really know this person's personality so that just may be the way he talks normally or just is that type of commenter on anyone's blog. There are people on my blog that I know when they leave a cantankerous or blunt comment, it's b/c that's "who they are" and I don't take it personally.

Krissy said...

i can't believe that you're so upset about this one guy's comment. so what if you read his wife's blog. just brush it off and get on with your day with your beautiful daughter, your responsible job (because at least like alot of others, you have a job), and your family. don't let one person make you write a whole blog just to kiss thier ass, unless you couldn't think of anything else to blog about. you have a great blog which many people enjoy reading. ONE CAN'T MAKE EVERYBODY HAPPY. if he doesn't enjoy your blog, then so be it. again, there are alot of people who LOVE your blog (me being one of them)!!! so keep blogging and don't hold back because that would just be a shame if you changed your whole blogging style because of 1 person's opinion. which is actually what his comment is: just an opinion. keep blogging mary!!!!!

MammaDucky said...

That's very kind of you to try and remedy the situation. Personally, I would have gone off on the person. Then again, I'm in a grouchy mood today, so maybe that has something to do with it. If you attempts to please this person fail, call on me, I'm just waiting to rip into someone.

Penz said...

Don't worry about anyone else you have your BOYPHONE!! I personally am envious of you. :) Anyway, a man who is going to complain a bit about "unfriendliness" to the male species, is.. I'll have to say it...for better words "girlie" (tryin to keep it clean hard..) Keep doing you love...he can go give himself a facial or something. :)

Casey's trio said...

Boo on rude/mean comments. Hope you let it roll off your back!

Lindsay said...

Ok so who cares about that comment since YOU ARE THE WINNER OF MY TUTU AND CLIPIES FROM THE SITS ALL DAY GIVEAWAY! Yippie, may I have your email address to further discuss....
I will be out of town til Sun and for some dang reason I can receive emails at my Mom's BUT I can not send them out from my lap top! Boo, but I will get back with you a.s.a I get back in town!
Have a great weekend :D SMILE!

Janah @ So Not Mom-a-licious said...

Stopping by from Sits, but I heart your blog! I am not looking forward to the day I get a not nice comment. But I also can't wait because I have a standard response..Suck it! Thank you very much! And I sooo would have just deleted the comment entirely and acted like it never happened. You know, like a cover-up. Yeah, that's it! Merry SITSmas!

sticky said...

I agree with the "suck it" response! We love you!

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