Monday, December 08, 2008

Human Etiquette would be nice....Jerk

If I were 10.....BUT no, I am instead a "classy" (wink wink to ya Lady with A View)33 year old.

I live in a large gated community. There a lot of families, kids, a lot of dogs, and yes....jerks.

Today, my Woof Woof Barker and I were meeting up with his girlygirlwoof friends and we noticed a man sprinting....yelling...sprinting...(let's call him dadajerk)...he disappears behind the houses.

Me and Mommy girlygirlwoof looked at each other and laughed. Been there, done that...but insert my husband...running, sweating, with a half crazed woman ( saying..."uh, Stitch, owie, owie stitch, Woof Woof Barker Come back....Yes, HONEY, I AM Running!"

So of course we want to offer Dadajerk help, if we can. I pick up Lil Rambler in case a rhinoceros (yah, I'm paranoid) actually comes running out of the bushes, and we look and wait to bait the other dog with our woofie woofs....

Whew, he's little....
and curious...
it's a Yorkie and he heads right for us! (yeah, one for kindness, zero for....???IDK, fill in the blank)

I yell to the sprinting Dadajerk...

33 year old self..."Does he have a collar?" (so I can grab it to hold him.)
10 year old self..."I'll grab his tail if he runs by me"
Dadajerk......."mumble, mumble" (alrighty sir, just asking)

The escaped prisoner of Dadajerk makes doggy pals with our little gang. The dadajerk yells

"Don't let him go"

33 year old me thinking....I kinda don't like that tone mister, but maybe your trying to catch your breath, maybe I didn't hear you right?
10 year old me thinking....Mommy doesn't like when Daddy talks to her like that....mmm, in fact Mommy makes a not so nice face when Daddy talks like that?


When I was helped?

I practically made out with the poor old bastard that wore the Supermanletmehelpyousaveyourdog cape, and then offered my husband. Just in case, because I was SOOOOO grateful.

You know what Dadajerk did? He picked up the dog, yelled at it, and walked away. Did not say ONE word! Not ONE!


Dude, we just "saved" your dog! (hey, you never know. our neighbors dog just got hit and didn't make it {sniffle, sniffle})


He put the dog back in the house, and came back out....

What, your not a jerk? Your gonna tell us thank....

(Car starts, JERKOFF leaves)

Nope, not ONE farking word.

Etiquette buddy. Etiquette!

18 ramblings of your own:

Maki said...

Seriously, there are ton of those here in FL as well.

I hate it - no thank you's, no smiles, no "Hi" - Etiquette doesn't register to those farts {excuse my french}.

ps. loving your new layout - super cute!!!

Kalei said...

I have been a lot more out spoken and have recently called someone out on their rudeness....I had also "counsel" them to apologize to me too.... sure he did it to appease me as I handle his payroll, but seriously! Treat me with respect! Tell security to mess with his friends when they come to visit.=)

Shorty said...

You know, I hate to admit this but I think (er, I know) I had a Dadajerk moment this past summer. I was walking my Doberman and we were assaulted by a little black and white Pekingese that lives around the corner and ALWAYS gets out. At that time I didn't know exactly which house the little terror lived at, but knew that its owners didn't safeguard there fence or something. As we were being assaulted that one day a neighbor who knew the dog and its owners saw what was happening as he was doing yard work. I practically yelled at him, "IS THIS YOUR DOG????" as my dog was choking himself trying to get away so he could eat this little terror. The response I got was, "No, it's not my dog." But he picked it up and carried it home anyway. Did I say thank you? Nope. I stormed away after I calmed my dog down and got him to stop coughing. I should've thanked the man. I'm sure he disliked the little dog, too, since I'm sure that wasn't his first time to rescue it. Darn, I owe that guy an apology.

Ok, I'll stop hogging your blog now!

mommaof4wife2r said...

ur cracking me up! thanks for stopping by my blog!

Lady with a View said...

Ok - lately, this is where I let my lameness and smart mouth over rule my good sense..

For example, the lady at McDonalds hands me my order and then shuts the little bullet proof window/door. I start saying, very loudly, "Thank you - Have a GRRRREAT Day! (Tony the tiger impression on the GRRRREAT). "No - Really - You have a GRRRREAT day my paying customer". I use different voices for when I'm them.

My kids think it is hilarious and it makes me feel better for the short term.

So - here's how it should have gone..

"Thank you nice rambling lady for saving my dog - and for placing you very life at risk - you are sooo very cool and gracious with your time. PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE..let me make it up to you by accepting this small token of appreciation - a gift certificate to your favorite spa for a quick pedi!"

{wink} I am feeling lame today..

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Ew... hated it!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

What a nob!

My very British hubby would have another colourful word for him but I won't use it in polite company. *lol*

Linked over from the comments on the check-in post at SITS! I see you everywhere but somehow have never managed to make it by! Well, I'm going to remedy that right now!

I'll definitely be back. I really enjoy your blog.

Auds at Barking Mad!

cornnut32 said...

i seriously hate it when people do that. especially when they bump into you (even on accident) and don't say "excuse me." how hard is it to say excuse me? i had one lady about knock me over because she wasn't paying attention in the grocery store and then she yelled at me! ridiculous.

Shorty said...

I forgot to tell you that I love the Christmas look for your blog! Very cute!

Marshmallow Circus said...

Awww you saved his dog and everything. What a jerk!

MammaDucky said...

Would it be completely out of the question to go and let his dog back out??? Just askin'.

The Rambler said...

Maki-They are everywhere!!AAA Jerk invasion. :( oh and thanks for liking the christmas do on me new blog :)

kalei-No joke. I should

Shorty-Oh.My.God. :) No way, don't believe you could EVER be a dadajerk. I heart you too much.

mommaof4wife2r-NO, thank YOU for stopping by.

Lady- Amen sister! A mani-pedi would be aawwessommme.

MBB-Tell me about it!

Auds- Yes, nob, I like that word.

cornnut32- Ugh,so with you on that one. I HATE grocery shopping pusher people.

Shorty- Thanks :) See why I heart you.

Marshmallow Circus- THANK YOU for jumping with me on my your a jerk bus :)

MammaDucky- LMAO...pretty much what we were saying to each other.

Tooj said...

I'm shameless in situations like these. I'd leave a note. Dripping with sarcasm. "We'd like to leave you a quick note thanking you for grabbing our dog earlier today. You saved us a LOT of time, and we really appreciate it. Hope we can return the favor sometime!"

Ann said...

Just think you did it for the dog...not Jerky Jerk. Hind sight, next time take the dog until loss of manors boy has some kind words. You were doing the right thing. Maybe he'll get coal in his stocking. :D

Follow SITS...I'm having another give-a-way on my blog....stop by if you have the time. :D

Melanieshea said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Have a good night!!! :o)

Becky said...

As one whose silky terrier has escaped more times than I wished, I can understand his first yell of "don't let him go!" b/c he was probably frantic. But, to not acknowledge the fact that you caught the dog and kept him is unforgiveable. Whenever someone has caught my Reese, I simply cannot thank them enough when I catch up to them.

The Rambler said...

Tooj-So like your idea! Should I leave a bag of poo on the note to?

Ann~I did it for the dog, I did it for the dog. Big jerky jerk getting a coal from Santa. Did it for the dog. :)

Melanieshea-Your welcome :) You have a great b-day.

Becky-That's what I keep saying to myself.

Dee from Downunder said...

Basic manners mate, thats all it boils down to... what a looser. I would have yelled out a sarcastic "You're Welcome!"