Thursday, September 08, 2005

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

So little sister has finally left the nest! All the way to Las Vegas. (sigh) It's been a couple days since my mom and I dropped her off and part of me can't believe that I don't have a sister living just a couple of minutes away from me. Call me selfish, but I miss her big time!

On her last day my mom came over and we went out to breakfast and ran a couple of errands that Sammy needed to take care of. I knew it was coming, but when the moment came to drop her at the airport it took all of my might to try not to cry! I almost got away with it cause my mom asked me to park the car and meet her and sammy at check in. I figured there wasn't enough time to do that so I told them I would just stay here. I kissed Sammy real quick on the cheek and proceeded to go back to the car. Sammy realized that I wasn't coming in and put her bags down and came to hug me goodbye. So much for holding back the tears. I straight out cried, lips quivering, nose running...everything. Thank goodness mom had the Kleenex. Sammy consoled me a bit and just went ahhh (like a soft don't be sad ahhh). I love that girl!

I realize how much she means to me, and I'm glad that her and I forged some type of friendship this last year. She has become that close sister you hope to have when you see other woman around you with a very tight bond with theirs. (for example my mother and her 2 sisters). At least for me Sammy, I hope for you! We hung out together for a week while her man went ahead to Vegas and my guy was in PA for family visit.

Well little sister, have a great life and I'll see you in December!

love ya

Big sis Rambler

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RT said...

Great!!! You made me cry!!