Friday, September 16, 2005

one more thing down...

So,wedding invitations were ordered today. I felt so bad for the manager who had to bare with me while we filled out the paperwork, got names corrected, times, dates, and proper wording. She sat wth a smile and her pencil, which turned out to be a good idea, as there where a couple times that I said...

"Um, sorry, but could I change that to ...."

"Whoops, sorry, what if we said this instead.."

"Crap, sorry, do you hate me yet.."

"What if...sorry!"

She said I wasn't the worst bride she had to deal with. I took only 1/2 hour (which I felt was longer than necessary, but she's had couples that sat in their backroom for a couple of hours.) She even said I was nice! Ha! Anyway, that's the story of my day.

To Miss A- I enjoyed croaking out my first words of the day to you! I hope your night goes better! Watch the back!

Anyway, gotta run and do something I'm sure needs done!

Da crazy Rambler

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening at 6a, earlier than I wake up, so I know earlier than you wake up. You are the bestus. MizA

RT said...

AWESOME!!! I am so excited for you! My sis got hitched on Sunday. I'll blog it later and post some pics. Such a good time. I cant wait to see yours!!!