Thursday, September 22, 2005

Almost there

Just today and tomorrow left for my 20 something years. I'm ready?? No, I am?? Right?

Yesterday I had a nice lunch with a friend at his restaurant in Waikiki. After that I had to work, which is always a downer...kidding. It wasn't so bad. My shift resulted in me only yelling at my staff twice and threatening for them to find other jobs if they want to follow certain procedures. (they were empty threats on my part but made my point) and I had to get a super duper drunk guy out of my restaurant ( side note: did not get drunk at my place but he stumbled into my downstairs cafe from another bar that probably kicked him out.) and into a cab to the airport. I felt kinda bad for the cabdriver, but hey how else was he going to get where he needed. I highly doubt the airline was going to let him on. Anyway, it ended and I went home and watched a DVD that I got from one of our photo guys. It was funny until I passed out on the couch with my neck in a position I would pay for when I woke up.

hope all is well for my fellow bloggers.


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