Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Randomly writing here on Tuesday...like the others

Tonight while driving home I followed a completely drunk a-hole onto the freeway. I actually called 911 to report the driver because I was so sure he was gonna take someone out.

Followed him for about 10 minutes. No cop showed up. Whatever. I did my duty.


With the death of MJ, I've been for some reason into reliving my youth with his sister's music.

Like I went back to her Control album...comeon...you know your singing...


and how about a little

Nasty...Nasty boy..don't mean a thing...

Oh, Oh..whatabout

What have you done for me lately?

Yeah, I did move on from that one album but I won't sing the rest of the songs.

(how about the one with Antonio Sabato Jr? Yummmmm....)

You know...I met him once for my job. I almost had an orgasm when he smiled at me and said hello. No joke. His dimples were to DIE FOR.


For some strange reason since Jon & Kate plus Eight announced the divorce thing, I've been watching their past shows...analyzing. Wondering about when it started to go wrong.

Weird. I know.


Did I ever say that I have an issue saying shoulder AND solider. Like the d in solider should be like a j, right? But my brain malfunctions and gets lispy and tounge tied.

Try say the soliders shoulder hurts? Say it...

Just me?


I'm at the point in my diet that I have lost almost 17 pounds. When I got sick last week I was really at a total of 21 but I guess when you don't eat for 3 days that might do it to you.

But I hate diet. But I know I need it. I must forge on.

I have until October until a special person's special day that I said I wanted to have my waistline a little skinnier.

The skinny bitch is slowly emerging.


I have clean laundry piling up waiting for me to fold and put away.

I don't wannnnnaaaaaaaa.


My daughter will be three this August. I can't believe it. Where in the world has the time gone? How in the world did I even get here?

My mind flips a little and says

"Aren't we 19?"

"Why do you have rules now?"

"Why can't we have that extra piece of cake?"

"When did you say going to bed at 10pm was awesome?"

"And when in the world did you think we would be up before 11am?"

I can't really remember my life before her. And it's okay because she fills my every bit of my heart and soul more than I could ever hope for...(yes, a little awww moment).


Will you fine folks visit of real life friend of mine...The ChrysantheMOM...We met through my BFF years ago and she's been my standing 'date' at events we attend BFF related. She's absolutely hands down awesome. Please say hi. Please :)


I'm confused what day is today. I worked and closed last night (off at 12:30 am). I haven't worked a Monday night in probably 8 years. It really threw me off my mental schedule.


Alright...enough random for now.

Bye Bye!

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Controlling My Chaos said...

Okay, spill it. What's your secret to losing weight?

Aunt of 14 said...

I love you randomness! :)

Janna Bee said...

Seriously so happy for you and the 17 lbs! What is your secret? I have only lost 8 and I'm sad!

Mighty M said...

Great job on the weight loss!! I have been listening to a lot of MJ and JJ too!! :-)

Life, Love And Lola said...

Love these random thoughts!


Weight loss...You GO Girl!

Couldn't say the shoulder soldier thing to save my life!

Anonymous said...

17 pounds - way to go!!

I have a heard time saying "pin" and "pen". They just sound exactly the same to me. Dumb english language.

Happy random Tuesday.

Becky said...

Congrats on the weight loss -- are you being really strict or more just portion control?

As for John/Kate, I read something online that things have been bad for a long time and they would reshoot scenes in previous seasons to make it look like a happier family. Then again, I don't know if that's really true, but it certainly didnt' surprise me.

Christina said...

I am going to have Control running through my head all day now! Congrats on the weight loss!

Kalei said...

I still have pictures from that trip he took to the islands.....he was HOT! I mean it, he was super gorgeous....sighhhhhhhhhh, (wiping the drool away)

Tooj said...

I really like random. I think it's perfectly sane of you to relive youth with Janet. Keep on with your nasty self.

My boy turns 5 in August. It's scary and sad and weird. I have a kindergartener...well, private kindergarten because the public schools cut off won't allow him in. Blah.

I'm off to visit your real life friend. As if we AREN'T....HMPH.

Martha said...

Some Randomness, off to say hello to your buddy. Thanks for the Antonio picture.

Erin said...

Congratulations on all of the weight loss! That is wonderful!

Oh yeah, I love that Janet Jackson cd. I need to put it in rotation on my iPod.

Proud to be Me-a wife, a mom, a student said...

Hi My Friend! Great Randomness, made me laugh especially with the Janet Jackson songs, now they are stuck in my head..lol..I can't say Social Security to save my life and worst part is it's part of my daily verbiage for my job...yes that's right I'm a freakin customer service rep and if you call me about your credit card you'll hear me say social security with a giant lisp and people laugh, it's great :). Anywho, congrats on the 17 pounds I'm still at 0, but that would be because I don't try..hehe... :)

Aubrey said...

Drunk drivers scare the bejeezus out of me! I can't believe the cops didn't show up. What a shame.

I've had MJs songs loaded on my iPod since his death. He had some great jams. Yeah...

Hmm. Jon & Kate. When was it ever right??? She always bugged me. LOL

WAY TO GO on your diet! Keep it up!!

Fiauna said...

17 pounds! Awesome. I visited your friends site. Is that her in the jewelry pictures? She's lovely and the jewelry is too!

Anonymous said...

See, we are still blog besties...I too have a laundry basket full of clean clothes that have been sitting there for almost a week. I refuse to put them away. I don't know why. and right next to them are the piles of laundry I have started. So now what's going to happen? Maybe I should just not start laundry. Like ever.

jineen said...

i too am trying to lose weight. it is a never ending tug o war with my tummy:) you are simply fabulous for knocking off 17 pounds already!

kids sure do grow up fast, and so do our bodies. i am 27 and i know some wouldn't see that as old, but i swear, i am seeing some changes on this slippery slope to 30....

ELAY said...

love it. n_n

DiPaola Momma said...

Never a JJ fan.. sorry.. well okay maybe one song.. BUT THAT'S IT! "we are part of the rythm nation.." (break out with the Castro caps!) There I did it. Now I must go put on some Weezer and regain my music cred! I love/hate am proud/envious that you lost so much already.. GOOD JOB! I went on vacation ate more Mexican food than is consumed at any Cinco De Mayo celebration at Dodger stadium thus regained my Oprah-esque profile. Drunk people who drive SUCK! And oh Grasshopper darling... Antonio, REALY? I mean you LIVE in freaking surfer paradise, can't find a better man? OOOOH was that some Pearl Jam sneaking out there? SEE what even the mention of pop music does to me! If I MUST do the Jackon Family thing I think I'll stick to the Alien Ant Farm covers... yes, yes I'm so very tragically hip, I know.

DiPaola Momma said...

OH and just incase my LAST comment wasn't long enough... Can I just say that I've only watched maybe a total of 2 John&Kate shows and NEVER a full one. I always felt so bad for HIM.. and well we just can't have a stay at home mom doing things like THAT! She just seemed so MEAN!

andy said...

jon and kate make me sad.

i try not to watch it anymore.

funny how other peoples issues brings up feelings of your own from the past.

and i'm happy for you re: losing weight. is it okay to call you a skinny bitch if you've already opened the door?


Kalei said...

Holy crap! I have the same problem with those two words.....Instead of stumbling, I freeze......I feel like I have a chip on my________(long pause, uncomfortable silence).....till someone else says it, than I snap out of it especially when I use it next to the "Army guy who fights in war"....yes, I mean, the S word: soldier, which by the way, you spelled wrong.

Vivienne said...

Very random and very funny! I freeakin' hate that when you call the PoPo and they don't come. Helllooo? Crime in progress? 1-Adam-12? ugh.

Krissy said...


ClaireMontgomeryMD said...

miss jackson if you're nasty.

(i've been randomly blurting that out lately. i tell people i have tourette's and that's my tic.)