Thursday, June 18, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #22..Are you where you thought you'd be?

Thanks for last weeks comments on your Senses!! A lot of GREAT comments :)

Martha said...

Smell- my husband's scent - He smells yummy.

Taste- Chocolate, preferably See's.

Sound- Nature: birdsong, running streams, sighs of the trees as the wind blows through their branches.

Sight- The smiles of my family, my hubby and our two sons.

Touch- Hugs

Grossest stuff, after 27 yrs as RN I have so got this covered.

Smell- Patients with GI Bleeds - it is so bad that it is necessary to do the clinician survival trick of putting Vick.s Vapo.rub under your nose and then putting on a surgical mask.

Sight- Patient smoking through their tracheotomy.

I will spare you and your dear readers anymore grossness. I mean unless you want more, than you know where to find me.
Thanks, Rambler.

Martha...whoa. I could never survive in your neck of the professional world. I am way too skirmish. People like you deserve medals for a strong stomach. Even if you gotta put Vapo Rub :)
andy said...

i'm gonna go against our flow here girls.

just 'cause i'm like that.

here are my LEAST favourite of the five senses:

touch: pulling styrofoam out of a box. can we all say "squeaky hell?"

taste: that four day old half glass of wine from my computer desk. totally disgusting, but it's all that is in the house and you need a drink so you're forced to swig it down.

smell: the boyfriends mothers cooking. i love seafood, but her fish smells like a rotten can of sardines thats been sitting out in the sun for two weeks. or she burns it. which is awesome too. makes me think i'm about to have a seizure, but then i notice that it's just her burning toast again.

sight: seeing that i only have a couple of reeelax pills left in the bottle and realizing i have to ration them until i get back to my awesome doctor.

sound: kids puking @ 02:00am. nuff said.


p.s. does that make me sound too negative?

p.p.s. don't care.

Andy...for real. You crack me up!! Like I'm almost pee'ing my pants. God I heart you!!


Flipping through some highly intelligent literary read (um, was People...sue me) I came across the topic for today's question to ponder.

"Did you set life goals for yourself, like what you wanted accomplished by a certain age? If you did, what are some and have you hit the mark? Knowing what you know now, would you have still made this a goal? Or stressed it's importance?"


18 ramblings of your own:

jineen said...

well, when i really look back and think about it i guess there are so many changes!
i wanted to be married and have a family: check

i wanted ot have an awesome job as a kindergarten teacher: half check (i have ana awesome job, but as a nurse)

i wanted to be completely independent and different from my parents: check

i wanted to be with jeremy:check

i wanted to own my own home: half check (i own my home, but it is a trailer, not a house....yet)

i wanted to have a few super close girlfriends that i can have forever: half check (i have the friends, on my way to forever)

so i think i am pretty happy, though i laugh because back then i had no idea how things would go, for instance i wanted a family, ionly have one child and he is already 7! i thought my parents would grow into people i could have a close relationship with, not happening. i wanted my grandparents who were the true parents in my llife to be there enjoying it and they are in heaven.

but i don't think i would have it any other way:) this was an awesome question, i couldn't pass it up!

pan x 8 said...

I am 3rd oldest in a family of 11 children. Before I got married, I wanted to have 12 children. My goal was to have all my children before 35. Hello ~ got married at 25 and unless I'm having doubles or triples at a time, I'm not getting there + after having each kid the number kept climbing down the scale.

I finally turned 35 and I had my last kid at 34 and now I am "in charge" of 6 very beautiful brats!

Shorty said...

I've set some goals for myself later in life, not as a younger person. Back when it would've been easiest to go to college (right out of high school in 1992) I chose to move in with my ex-husband and settle down, working a 9-5 job and such. So, after planning our first & only child six years later (first major goal) I decided to set the goal of going back to school and get a degree. I finally graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in 2005 and have never had any regrets. Yeah! Then I set a goal of finding a stable job where I could help support my family. Third goal accomplished. I have another goal of getting a Master's Degree but I'm not ready to start that yet, and I would love to teach college, but obviously I'm missing that mark completely at the moment. So, that work is yet to be done. Do I have a timeline? Not yet. Once Hubby's business is off the ground & flying high I look forward to not working and going back to school full-time, not having to juggle a job, and getting my Master's and a teaching certificate.

Yes, I would still make these major goals if I had to start over....these have all been life changing accomplishments for me.

Love the questions, Rambler! As interesting!

Tooj said...

Goals would have been helpful. Being able to understand what "armor" I needed at the end of high school would have been great. I've started to set goals now, but they're more day to day/month to month.....all this makes it sound like I'm a complete underachiever. LOL Hmmm. But that's not the case. I guess my "standard" everyday goal is to be and do the best at whatever it is I'm faced with that day. Long term goals to come.....soon. I think.

The Blonde Duck said...

The only goal I made was I wanted to have a book published by 25. I published my own, but I still got a few months!

Anonymous said...

My life is isn't where I thought it would be at all - but it's actually better.

I wasn't planning on even thinking about getting married until I was 30 and never in a hundred years did I expect to be a SAHM.

I was going to be a hard core career girl all the way. I even had the hard core job for 5 years and got the masters degree.

My second is due a week before my 30th birthday and I've been married 5 years. Who knew?

Anonymous said...

honestly, i set some pretty vague ones.

i wanted to go to college, and i did. i didn't care where, didn't know what degree i wanted. i just knew that i wanted to go.

and i want a real job. preferably something that i love to do. but what do i love to do? lots of things... hmmm. can see this one being a problem.

i don't bother making long term plans because plans ALWAYS change. always. and so why stress myself out trying to achieve something that i may never do?

i am more the one who just sees where God is taking me and goes with it. because, seriously, so much easier.

Becky said...

I'm probably slightly behind career-wise b/c I did real estate in Hawaii, but I think I'm still okay. On a personal note, I thought I'd be married with kids -- not divorced and no kids. But I'm okay with it b/c there's no way I'd still want to be married to my Ex anymore (just to be married) and I no longer want kids.

Fiauna said...

I've never been a good goal setter. I always let the wind take me where it will. That's not to say that I didn't know what I wanted. As a girl, I knew that I wanted to get married and have children. I also wanted to marry a man that would treat me as a partner and a prize. I found that. I'm not where I thought I'd be--I way better off.

Martha said...

Thank you so much for featuring my comment from last week, so not worthy!!
I was very goal oriented when I was younger, have realized that balance is crucial to enjoying your accomplishments.
It's really about enjoying the journey, smelling the roses, holding hands, looking at the sunsets. Achieving goals like a career, family, home, etc. gives you the peace of mind and experience to cherish those things that really matter, like love, honor, and Ohana.

WhisperingWriter said...

My goal was to be published by 25.

That never happened.

I'm working on getting published by 30.

I hope that happens.

Mammatalk said...

Trying to find a nice, uplifting-yet-doable goal to accomplish before 40. Kinda nose to nose with that beast. Ick. Be back to read comments later. Maybe I'll get an idea.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

That would depend upon when I was thinking. But mostly, no.

OliveStreetStudio said...

I always thought I'd be married by 27 and kids by 29. I wanted to be a young mom like my mom was with me (she was 25 when she had me), and have 3 kids close in age. But living in NYC and meeting men didn't work out that way...I ended up married at 33 and one child at 37 after YEARS of trying. Looks like she is the only one and I'm so happy to have her!!

Meeting the love was the one thing I couldn't control - school, work, etc just went along for the ride - and I hoped it would happen sooner, but I'm just happy it finally happened!! I should have paid more attention to the guys at college....:-)

DiPaola Momma said...

What a great question for me this week. I'm actually at my parent's house on vacation. As I've driven around my home town and passed by lots of memories I find that things are much more different than I'd expected. But I'm glad for where I am.

Look at you Grasshoppa.. getting all Now-and-Zen on us!!! Stop by The Nuggets babe.. I'm on vacay BUT I'm doing a daily giveaway while I'm gone. The joys of scheduling posts ahead of time!! hee hee

Shan said...

In some ways, I'm beyond where I thought I'd be.

I do feel like a grown up who knows her own mind, something I expected by 28 but didn't really get to for another few years.

I do have more than one child, something I wasn't sure would happen and almost didn't (they're 15 years apart), but nowhere near the eight I "knew" I'd have when I was younger.

The man I'm married to is frequently the stuff dreams are made of, with not too much real life "guy" thrown in. Not sure how I score like I did, so don't tell anyone.

We own a home... a dream only recently hatched and very recently achieved.

But I'm not a nurse, which was my back up plan for the eight kids. I've looked into it, but my tolerance for school isn't what it once... oh, who am I kidding? I don't have the attention span for it.

This is off topic, but this foggy-brained morning a song came on the radio. Something by Kenny Chesney, where he sings "I was going fast as a Rambler goes... " The visual image that usually comes with that song has now been replaced by some sort of amalgam of you pushing a stroller and working in a restaurant at warp speed. As I said, foggy-brained morning.

andy said...

boy, everyone has SO much to say on the whole life goal thing-y!

i don't remember ever having specific time plans and/or goals within my life.

funny. in a messed up kind of way.

now i'm wondering if that's part of my issues.



p.s. i just care that you HEART me. my job here is done:)


"FINE"al thoughts... said...

Wow! I love the idea of Think About It Thursdays! Do you do this every week?

Am I where I thought or wanted to be? When I was a junior in highschool I ordered a class ring. Unlike a lot of class rings, we each had the choice of what color to put on it, and what little emblems we would have embedded on the side. For the middle stone I chose my boyfriend's birthstone because, natrually, I was going to marry him someday. On one side of the ring I chose to put the emblem of two hands clasped together with the word, "memories" etched beside it. That was to be a token of my highschool memories with my friends and the love of my life at the time. On the other side of the ring I chose the emblem of "homemaker" because that was my ultimate goal. I wanted to go to college and get a degree but I eventually wanted to have four kids and be a stay at home mom. Now, almost fifteen years later I have NO idea where that class ring went. And maybe that's a good thing because it does NOT have my husband's birthstone in the middle. I married the real love of my life 11 years ago but I still cherish my memories with friends from highschool and still get together with my two highschool best friends. I am a stay-at-home with five kids and have a degree tucked under my belt...for safe keeping! So in essence, I'm exactly where I thought I'd be but I never could have imagined it would turn out quite like this!