Thursday, June 11, 2009

Think About It Thursdays #21...Tell me your Senses...

Thanks to those that participated in last weeks influential person question last week.

Some comments to share with the classroom today :)

OliveStreetStudio said... Thanks for your story - very nice that you had the unexpected opportunity to thank this supportive man!! I have two minor bits to contribute:

To the woman who gave me my first job in an ice-cream parlor when I was 12 - I worked for her for 7 summers and she really helped bring me out of my shy-shell. I eventually ran the shop and placed our orders. She trusted me with running her business. To this day I tell her that job was my absolute favorite in the world (and not because i got to eat ice cream everyday!)

My negative on this: My Aunt, who when I told I wanted to major in Biology, told me I'd never make any $$ or I'd have to go to med school....she discouraged me at 16 YOs and I got nervous so I switched my major. To this DAY I regret not pursuing my love of science...BUT I have gone back to school and taken bio, chem, and physics classes and one day hope to teach HS Chemistry. :-)

I loved that you had someone that was an influence on both ends. Great comment!!

WhisperingWriter said...

Wonderful post.

To be honest, I think it WAS my parents who were quite influential in my life. You see, my Mom was an Officer in the Air Force and she battled all sorts of sexism. She never gave up. Then my Dad decided to stay home with me because he walked in to pick me up at daycare once and he didn't like the tone the providers were using at the children. So he quit his job and became a SAHD. Back in those days, it wasn't done as often so he was mocked quite a bit. Both of my parents have always fascinated me.

As I grow older I find myself looking at my parents lives at the age I am now, their decisions in life they made and looking at it with the eyes of an adult. I understand a little better why things were the way they were. I'm glad you had parents that weren't scared to not be the cookie cutter type of parents that were expected!
vanover521 said...

i would have to say the wife of the youth pastor i hated.

confused? ok let me explain.

he was a guy who just rubbed me the wrong way.

his wife was sweet, caring, thoughtful, loved God with everything in her. she was everything i ever wanted to be.

well... except for being married to him.

she was someone who would listen to anything, was supportive, helpful. she cared so much about each of us girls. it's amazing when i think back to her.

and no, i don't think that i've ever been able to tell her h
ow i feel about it because they've long since moved and i've lost touch with her. not that i couldn't find them with a bit of detective work.

but she was amazing. and probably still is.

I have always been fascinated with finding someone that is absolutely wonderful and to find their partner to be someone you would never want to be in a room with.
Okay so my sister Antibloggedy inspired my question for today....

"Tell me your favorite/funny
/gross thing about the 5 senses. Sense of Smell, Sound, Taste, Touch & Sight"


Smell...Chocolate and hot bread....especially if together...mmmmmm.
Sound..My daughters laughter.
Taste...The chocolate and hot bread (What...I can have this has two things right?)
Touch...My daughters hugs.
Sight...Lil Rambler...EVERYDAY.

Okay people...


16 ramblings of your own:

pan x 8 said...

Smell...cookies at the bakery as I run past at 5:30 am

Sound..."quiet" in my house and all six children are home

Taste...seafood alfredo with giant yummy shrimp on fettucine (OMGosh, what am I doing to myself...I freakin' haven't had pasta in way too long...) husband when he comes home and plants those soft lips on mine children when they first wake up

Anonymous said...

sight... the niece and nephew's face when they see me after not seeing me for a long time. they just get so darn excited!

sound... GOOD music. music that touches every part of your soul.

smell... fresh laundry and delicious smelling boy

taste... the first bite of what you've been craving for days.

touch... a hug from someone that you WANT to have hug you.

Aunt of 14 said...

Sight: An Ocean Sunset.

Sound: Absolute silence.

Touch: A hug from ANYONE I know. I am a hug craver, a hug manipulator, a hug getter and definitely a hug giver.

Taste: Cake Batter. There's a reason why my cakes never rise higher than an inch.

Smell: Freshest of the freshest air.

Martha said...

Smell- my husband's scent - He smells yummy.

Taste- Chocolate, preferably See's.

Sound- Nature: birdsong, running streams, sighs of the trees as the wind blows through their branches.

Sight- The smiles of my family, my hubby and our two sons.

Touch- Hugs

Grossest stuff, after 27 yrs as RN I have so got this covered.

Smell- Patients with GI Bleeds - it is so bad that it is necessary to do the clinician survival trick of putting Vick.s Vapo.rub under your nose and then putting on a surgical mask.

Sight- Patient smoking through their tracheostomy.

I will spare you and your dear readers anymore grossness. I mean unless you want more, than you know where to find me.
Thanks, Rambler.

Tooj said...

Mom answers:
smell - clean babies
sound - baby/child laughter
taste - oreos
touch - baby cheeks when kissed
sight - baby/child smiles

Just "me" answers:
smell - fresh cut grass when I'm running
sound - summertime bugs
taste - warm bread
touch - back or head being rubbed
sight - Terrell Owens body, please

Housewife Savant said...

Having a hyperacute sense of smell is awful.
I won't even DESCRIBE things I can smell that others can't. (You can be glad of it.)

On the other hand, if smell is related to taste then I get more pleasure from eating.

So, weight gain shoud never be considered my fault, right?

Also, I'm hearing impaired, and it's more awkward than you can imagine.

Fiauna said...

I want to steal this post. What a great idea. So here's my list:
Smell: wet sagebrush on a warm day
Sound: my husband's voice when he yells, "Daddy's home," as he comes in the door.
Taste: Peanut butter and jelly on hot bread.
Touch: My little girl's kisses.
Sight: My kids tucked into bed, sleeping.

Christina said...

I totally have a thing about texture. Especially in foods. I don't care how good it taste if the texture is bad I won't eat it.

Come on over to my blog and collect some bling!

Life, Love And Lola said...

Smell- All the scents at the beach...The salt air, suntan lotion etc...

Sound- Waves at the beach

Taste- Red wine and dark chocolate

Touch- Lola's kisses when I return home from work

Sight- A beautiful sunset

WhisperingWriter said...

Smell....the bakery. I love the bakery. I don't get a lot of it around here.

Taste...anything sweet.

Touch...hugs from my kids.

Sight...beautiful scenery.

Anna Lefler said...

Honestly, since we got these two's all about the sense of SMELL.


:-D Anna

andy said...

i'm gonna go against our flow here girls.

just 'cause i'm like that.

here are my LEAST favourite of the five senses:

touch: pulling styrofoam out of a box. can we all say "squeaky hell?"

taste: that four day old half glass of wine from my computer desk. totally disgusting, but it's all that is in the house and you need a drink so you're forced to swig it down.

smell: the boyfriends mothers cooking. i love seafood, but her fish smells like a rotten can of sardines thats been sitting out in the sun for two weeks. or she burns it. which is awesome too. makes me think i'm about to have a seizure, but then i notice that it's just her burning toast again.

sight: seeing that i only have a couple of reeelax pills left in the bottle and realizing i have to ration them until i get back to my awesome doctor.

sound: kids puking @ 02:00am. nuff said.


p.s. does that make me sound too negative?

p.p.s. don't care.

The Blonde Duck said...

Those stories are so lovely.

Shawn said...

Great idea, Rambler!

Smell: My son's sweat---since he was a it!
Taste: Anything sweet, with a cake like texture----hmmmm---cake?
Touch: Sweet baby skin, my favorite throw.
Sight: Nature, color, my children all together.
Sound: My kids' laughter---nothing can compare!

Mammatalk said...

Smell- vanilla or cookies baking
Sight- the smiles in my home- hubby's and girls'...They all have the same beautiful smile!
Sound- my children laughing or snoring!
Taste- Creme brulee

kel said...

smell: cookies baking, and babies. (maybe if babies could bake cookies?)
taste: sweet anything.. bust especially chocolate
touch: puppies with their soft fur and fat bellies
sight: my gorgeous little girl
sound: laughter!

great question!!
ps changed my blog from Girl In The Glasses over to