Monday, February 19, 2007

Thoughts of today

If your time was up today, have you done what you've wanted to accomplish in life? Do you feel you made a difference in someone's life? Not by doing something heroic or giant, but by just your presence? Are you important to someone in this world?

I can honestly say that if I went today I can't find something that I wished I did, but didn't. I first of all have a wonderful mother and sisters who have helped shape the way I am today. I have a fabulous extended family that I can't imagine families any other way. I've met people in my life that I could have done without but understand that is part of the journey. I've met people that have turned into some of the best friends you hope to have in your grown up years. I met a man who is my soul mate and that helped me become the woman I am supposed to be. He has given me my most beautiful daughter who has completed my life in ways I thought didn't need completing.

I've experienced loss and pain in my life thus far, but the love and experience in life far outways the negative.

I stare at the picture above and to me it seems like she's content. I'm not totally there yet, but I want to be her. Sitting in the grass reading a book in a beautiful setting. Her nakedness represents to me that she's got nothing to hide, she is who she is, she's happy with who she is! Take her for what she is OR leave her alone...Or so, that's what I would say. ;o)

This is where my brain is tonight so sorry so non-funny, but more mmmmmm.

-An almost content Rambler

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