Friday, February 23, 2007

Me and my anthesia

So, today I went to the hospital to have minor surgery done. Obviously, I'm ok due to the fact that I am writing 9 hours after. I warn you that I am still under anthesia like trauma which means I'm on maybe a 3 second delay of the brain.

So here's the funny thing...I've been super scared to have this done. As you read yesterday's blog, I got sick and thought that I would have to put this off...thank goodness I didn't.

I had to wait in the waiting area with the husband and I dressed in the fabulous hospital gear they give you. A stunning paper gown with an open back and this gorgeous hat made out of see through blue stuff with a white lining. Oh, yeah and you don't need any undergarments either. It's a lot more airy, from what was told to me. ;o)

I waited as nurse after nurse came in to tell me what was going to happen. One nurse IV'd me (ouch) and another drew blood and another came in to take my blood went on and on. During all this, my husband got a crossword magazine to keep him and his large brain occupied.

Finally, it was time, my doctor came to visit with me and we chit chatted like we were just having coffee and than it hit me that I would be in lala land soon. It petrified me. Like on TV, the nurses wheeled me out of my small room toward the operating center and before I went through the big doors, my husband gave me a kiss goodbye as he held my purse (what a guy). I started to cry like I was there for major surgery. God, I'm such a wuss. They stuck me in a curtain closest size room and I met with my nurse for the operating room, my anthesiologist (who also happened to deliver me my epidural with my child), and a doctor who was assisting my doctor. Let's just say as I was sitting there trying not to cry I sent a little prayer out to my dad to make this go right and let's just say he did! No joke, I got a huge laugh before going into my surgery. Only a select few know what it is, but to protect the person who was the object of my insane laughter, we shall keep him nameless.

No joke, as I got wheeled into the operating room, all my doctors and nurses had these types of masks on you see in the photo and I was put under a light like how you see on TV and like the baby that I am tried so hard to hold it in, but I cried. The nurses wiped my tears and my doctor (the awesome woman she is) rubbed my shoulder. Than a wonderful thing happened. My anthesia kicked in and the last thing I remember is telling my doctor

"This is wonderful....zzzzzz"

I end my story here, cause I wake up, I beg for ice chips, I'm take to the original place I waited, had to show them I can pee by myself and got released home!

Thank you to mom for babysitting (along with Aunty Sister) and thank you to Miss A for bringing us dinner....I ate your food too, Mom after I threw up everything from my first dinner. I'm sure your's will come up too later in my sleep ;o)

Peace out,


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