Monday, August 13, 2007

Ghosts, Harry Potter, Hurricanes...oh my!

The last couple of days, I've talked about certain things with friends of mine that I told myself, don't forget to blog about it. A co-worker and I were talking about ghosts and if he had seen any while he worked overnight (BY HIMSELF). He smiled but said he tries not to talk about it or look into we got more into the conversation, sharing ghost encounters back and forth. Some that were forgotten by me, and one that literally chilled me enough to give me chicken skin.

An old manager that used to work at my "unnamed" work, was closing up, sitting at our bosses desk that looks out the big floor to ceiling glass window. At night, pitch black outside, the window becomes more of a mirror and you tend to see things behind you if you just look up. Well, that's what happened. Late at night, all by herself, she looked up and swore she saw a figure behind her which automatically disappeared when she spun around to run out of the door.

I sit in that office every night I close, by myself finishing up notes to the next day's manager. I don't think I will anymore, because that one freaks the bejesus out of me. I've had my brushes with our friends twice. They always say you get that feeling and I tell you it's true. If it's my mind that is playing tricks, it sure does work.

I thought I would NEVER get to read the last book of Harry Potter. I am pleased to say that I was okay with how the book ended. For those who didn't read, I won't spoil, but it finished off how I would feel complete and not needing more answers to the more questions an ending can create if not done right. I had decided for about a week or a little more that the only time I was going to get to read uninterrupted it would be from the 10:00pm-1:00am time frame. Yes, I killed myself, but it was for the "greater good". Anyone who read that, did you get it??? Well, I can say that my sleeping pattern will commence back to normal (thank goodness).

Its so crazy! But we might get some hurricane "touching" the islands in the next day or so. We had our managers meeting today before I was done for the day and our topic fell to the possible storm coming to us. What were our plans if SHE hit? I had a call earlier from my husband that he had been watching and he felt we might get some residual from FLOSSIE as she passed by. I normally pass on stocking because it had always been to far for anyone to be alarmed. But something made me feel that I needed to be more concerned. I decided that I would drive by the Kmart and grocery store to see if the store was overwhelmed with mad rushes of people stocking up. It didn't look too bad so I pulled in and went to stock up. I have to say part of me was surprised but all diapers that my daughter normally wears were limited to a brand we don't usually take. And there was only 2 boxes of that so I took em, the shelves were half barren with cases of water, the batteries section was empty except for the size no one uses. I decided on Poptarts to be my source of food (a moment of weakness, I like em cold, so I figured...) So, $142.00 later, I was on my way back to the car, EVERYONE I saw coming out of the grocery store next door had huge bags of rice, huge water cooler size tubs of water, propane tanks. I packed the car and remember how my aunt said the hurricane control center advised to fill your tank up so I rolled over to fill my almost kind quarter full tank. As soon as I got in line, it seemed like all of my neighborhood had the same idea. I've never seen lines like that before. So needless to say, we are ready if she comes, (don't want her to, but not my decision)

Okay, so if I don't post for a while it could be that Hurricane Flossie was more than we thought! Best wishes for a safe next couple of days.

xoxoxo~ The Rambler

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Krissy said...

speaking of ghosties, remember when merch was ALL of downstairs and the video of dwayne walking in front of the camera and then the stuffed animal falling off the shelf?