Thursday, August 09, 2007

One Year Old!

This time last year at 10:39 pm I was in the process of pushing my guts out (actually this little one above). It wouldn't be until 11:11 that she finally made her appearance to this fine world. My "team" consisted of my husband, baby sister, mom, Aunty Nola, Miss A and Miss D and a slew of nurses and doctors. My cousin Leigh stopped by right around when my epidural wore off. That was at 8:00ish. I hated life at that moment. But my aunt and Miss A were on top of it trying to get them to notice that my "pain" reliver had worn off. Or was about to. Anyway, here we are a whole year later and I can't believe it. My little girl is ONE! Ha, blows my mind.

Well, more later.

xoxoxo a tired Rambler

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Krissy said...

wow...i give you props. the only people in my room were, me(duh), rich, my mommy, the doctor & the 2 nurses. brenda tried to get in there for 9 months but up to the day i was still saying, "fuck no!!!" i just wasn't up for other people to see my uki up close and see shit coming out of my ass. kinda like a need to know situation.