Saturday, August 04, 2007


So, I can't believe I did it but I kinda broke my #1 pet peeve from my last blog....thou shall not make people behind you in line wait (AND think your an idiot).

But in my defense the first time today, (YES, this was a multiple crime on my part), we had just completed a run through of all of Sam's Club, waited in line for what felt like a longer time than it was. The baby was ready to get outta there, along with the husband and when it came ready to hand over my Debit Card cause it's that or Cash, I could not find my card. I panicked and for some reason thought of my blog entry from last night and called me a hypocrite, cursing me every name in my head. I looked at my husband and told him it was his card or we walk out of here like A-holes with no purchase and letting them put everything back. He paid. We semi-argued all the way back to the car about where my card could have been. Of course when I put baby in her car seat, I found my card at the bottom of my purse. And yes, it was Clean, I was just in panic mode and my fingers must have brushed past it to many times, along with my blind eyes.

Okay, the second time today, (how pathetic) was at Kmart. I had just gone to the bank to deposit something so I again threw my card back AT my wallet, not really back in it's spot like I normally always do. At checkout, a lady ahead of me was writing a check ALONG with a salesperson who kept talking to the other salesperson and not pay attention to the fact that the lady couldn't read the total so we all waited for either her to squint enough to see the numbers on the small computer screen OR for the saleslady to realize the lady hadn't heard her the first couple of times. The lady squinted hard enough and we got to me. I laughed again in my head as I was being rung up and AGAIN realized that I left my primary debit card somewhere else. I paid with an emergency card and swore to myself that I was so super lame.

I must have made someone upset about my blog and this was their retaliation. I bow down to you and apologize. Please please don't make me lose my card and look like an idiot...please???

Humbly yours,

The Rambler who's kinda learned her lesson for today.

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