Friday, August 03, 2007

Things that make me "irk'd"

I couldn't' think of anything more interesting for my current blog than to write about some things that make the mind a little insane for me....

Here we go...

I hate

1. Standing behind someone in line for a zillion hours because they appear to have never purchased something EVER.

2. People that whack into me when I'm holding the baby...(this makes me want to kill)

3. People that lie to my face and they totally believe what they are saying.

4. LAZY LAZY people. They make my job harder.

5. Driving into Waikiki and dealing with tourists that believe all roads are a big sidewalk.

6. People that eat at my place and need to comment and TELL me that it would never be like this in the states...(um, look at your kids history book a-holes, cause Hawaii is a part of the United States of America).

7. People that one-up others all the time. You know those people right? You'll say you found 10 dollars and than this person says he found 100 dollars and continually steals the thunder from anyone else that may try to one up them. They always win! Bastards. It's about me, me, me.

8. Dumb drivers that don't originate from this in God's name does the DMV give these folks a legit driving license?

9. Downright mean people that enjoy being bitches or jerks.

10. Sales people that sorta help you and than walk away leaving you to realize that they are not coming back and your in the same predicament as when you walked into their store.

I'm pooped out...I can't do this anymore...for now.

Love Love,

The Rambler

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Krissy said...

i hate people that continually spell Thursday with the "u" and the "r" switched around making it into Thrusday. I once knew this phone cashier girl who used to do that all the time. She had this curly, curly hair and I thought she was Samoan. =)

Daniel said...

I hate when people use "than" for "then" and "your" for "you're" throughout a ranting blog -- I mean, this is BASIC English, forchrissakes! Those who make these (as well as other) grammatical and egregious spelling mistakes have been reading these words for, what? decades probably? AND THEY STILL DON'T GET IT WRIGHT!!![sic]

Absolutely unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is your problem, Daniel?