Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Invisible friend..(are you sure he wasn't with us?)

(Dedicated to Ana and Denise)

Who is this invisible friend you ask? Well, my real friends often ask that question too. Actually, I constantly ask myself and rack my brain (what's left of it!) Here's how and why this invisible friend came about.

Sitting with real friends (names mentioned above in dedication), having a conversation...
(Not word for word, totally paraphrasing here),

Real Friend: "We had fun at dinner when we went to X place last year?"
Me: "Yeah, who was with us again? You, me, real friend 2, and didn't that other guy come us with, your friend from work?"

Strange look from Real Friend.

Real Friend: "Who are you talking about?"
Me: "You know, that guy, your friend from work! What's his name? UUU, I can't remember."

Stranger look from Real Friend.

Real Friend: "Selena, it was just us. No guy, or friend from work!"

Me looking completely lost and confused, and 15 minutes or so of the same banter of "are you sure?" ending with....

Me: "OK"
End of conversation.

Birth of my new friend the invisible friend.

He has come up about a dozen times, been "invited" to several outings with the girls, and I don't know but I feel like we should give him a name, since he has obviously made it into my life and won't leave.

So to Ana and Denise, some of my "real" friends, who unfortunately has endured the "invisible friend" conversation several times, I love you guys! Thanks for reading the rambling.

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