Monday, November 10, 2008

30 posts? Can she do it?

So, I joined some of my blogging friends on their bandwagon called Nablopomo. Just like it says. 30 posts in 30 days. I missed November 1st but that's because I only read about it on November 2nd...I haven't stopped since. I'll "officially" stop my last post on Dec. 1. That will make it 30.

Simple things in my life have led me to making commitments and sticking to them. (I'll actually credit that to my daughter and the small start from my first Lil sis who I'll call FLS.)

Anyway, it started small for me. When I say small, please don't laugh. But I NEVER watched a TV show on a continuous basis. I randomly watched whatever. Not really committing to any one show. Unable to talk with others about what was on, did you see that haircut? Did you see who's he's doing now...I didn't have that water cooler moments discussing the latest and greatest popular shows. I was lost when trying to figure out the one liners that made it to the trendy way to talk for the season.

Well, my FLS got me hooked on Sex In the City. HOOKED. It went from there
. I was like, hey there's something in staying "committed" to a show. Slowly, but surely I developed a relationship with the drama's and the comedy and mini poured into my daily non television life...slowly...I paid attention and stayed with it. It meaning, LIFE.

Then, my daughter was born. It kicked into high gear.
As a parent you can't make half-ass promises (even though some do), you can't decide today you won't feed them, or bathe them, or not for supporting their emotional and physical growth. You have to be all in. ALL the time! (Man, I love it, and her!) You become to grow as a person. I grew as a person.

And here I am today "committing" to posting 30 posts in 30 days, :) I believe I can...because I've committed to a lot of TV shows AND my daughter smells clean at least a couple hours a day from her bathe given daily. :) Thanks FLS! <3 U forever.


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Maki said...

Oh I'm sure you can!!!! I was tempted to do 30 day post, but nah... I'm sure there will be times I get too lazy.. LOL

Good luck!!!

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Becky said...

I think you've already proven yourself with the daughter -- I can do 30 posts easily, but raise a child...not quite there :)

Krissy said...