Friday, November 28, 2008

777...The pain in my behind...I mean Hubby

Well of course I would interview my Hubby.

I'm warning you that he is a man of few words. So few words that I'm sure I talk because the silence in the air bothers my positive aura...ok,I'll shut it :)

The HUBBY....

1. How did we meet? And how long had you been stalking me?

The Shack. And you were stalking me.

***First of all HONEY, we met because we were roomies. And why does EVERYONE say I, ME, stalk them?

2. If you could compare our parenting skills to action figures what would we be?

G.I JOE and Catwoman

***Mmm, interesting choices. I see the GI JOE thing, but not sure the characteristics that make up Catwoman...O wait, she's HOT and takes matters into her own hands. I get it.

3. What does December 17, 2005 represent for you?

The beginning of the end.

***If I were drinking milk it would have come out my nose. MEN, they are sooooo drama! (wink, wink at ya baby)

4. During the birth of our daughter what is the most memorable part of that day?

When the nurse said the epidural seized to work and you still had at least an hour more of labor.

***I don't recall much after the 2nd or 3rd time screaming for my refill. Or was that BFF screaming for the refill?

5. If we could be stuck anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Anywhere in Switzerland.

***Um, cause it's COLD? Or cause they have great chocolate? You couldn't pick Bora Bora in a shack on the water with de lovely island people serving us cocktails with flowers in them? ((sigh, must I go with my BFF or sisters?))

6. What's one thing most people DON'T know about me?

Cleanliness is not at the top of your list.

***Geesh, I was hoping for something like... Mother Teresa got nothing on my wife, or Oprah if you only knew how much my wife should be at MY FAVORITE THINGS day, or Buddha maybe your not the only Enlightened One...I mean, could that have HURT you?

7. What's a character trait of mine that drives you kooky?

Snorting when your sinuses are blocked

***Snort, snort...O sorry, what?


That was THE love of my life folks. Who I come home to EVERYDAY. Who looks at me in disbelief and stares at his ring to make sure we really did make it official when we have our "rough" days. The peanut to my jelly, the knee to my Fun, and the sane to my in. You and our Lil Rambler (and woof Barker Rambler) are my heart and soul. Thank you for all you do.

For the others if you missed em, see the sidebar for the series and pick your pick :)

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Maki said...

Aww Hubby~~... He knows you best:)

I really enjoyed this 777 series!!!


jori-o said...

Over from SITS...I love the 777idea! You sound like one great chiquita! =)

Anonymous said...

Ha! Sounds like my hubby-were they separated at birth?!

Kalei said...

I hope the Cat woman and G.I. joe thing isn't some insight to your private life. Ewwwww! =) love you. Looking forward to today's 777.....hmmmm, hmmm......where is it already?!

Unknown said...

showing some sits love. like the 777 idea!

Mrs. L said...

Pretty Funny! Cute blog.

Terence Sambo said...

777 lol... love the post ;o)

Do drop by my blog and show some love, got a new interview with Simon Tham :o)

amy (metz) walker said...

SO funny! Love this!

Leanna said...

Again, freaking out, I thought you were moi again and this was MY hubby. Ya think there's a connection here?-Rambler w/man of few words...yep, that's how it is here too! Then, I could tell you my whole epidural story but then you might think I am trying to take over your

(and shhhh....I'll tell ya a secret, don't tell anybody else though cause out there in bloggy world no one knows the diff...but my Hubby would have said the same thing about the cleanliness ;)...)

OMG..I forgot to tell you how I found you was thru Katy (she's from OK too)..just remembered cause my verification code here is slart...the WV would be 'slurred fart'..My hubby let out a slart in his sleep!.....LMAO

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your 777 posts. This one cracks me up.

"Cleanliness is not at the top of your list."