Monday, November 03, 2008

Girls Night Out...and a special Muah for my G-pa

Today is a special day. I have only an hour left in it but I wanted to let the most loved man in my life know.....
Mr. B! Or Gpa when texting. I LOOOVVVEEE you as all your grandchildren do...(but you know who's your favorite. wink, wink!)

After work today, I was blessed to have a night out with the BFF. About a year ago, after some big changes at my job me and some of my girlfriends met up for margaritas and tacos. We had a blast (as we always do) and made a pact that once a month we'd get together. I'm pleased to say it's been about a year, and we've only missed one due to July being a very busy week for all of us. There's our standard three but tonight one was MIA due to a cold...(We missed you Miss D, but don't worry me and Miss A ate YOUR part of the food...the sacrifices we make, I tell you! :)

I felt a little guilty not coming home again after work but it's important for the brain to regain sanity once it's been in full haul ass mode for the past couple days.

2 cosmos, a crap ton (why is this considered a measurement?) of appetizers, a choc. covered strawberry and some french dessert later...I dropped off the BFF to attend to her "duties" as the engaged woman she is....(mmmm, so how did that turn out Miss A?)and drove home like a tired, haggard, but fully content woman.

TTFN~The Rambler

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Anonymous said...

Oh, sounds like you guys had fun. I'm still sick. Stayed home from work today. I will definitely be there next time. I missed you guys.

TTFN, dee