Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Bababoring Waahtahs...

Reporting live from the living room, (slightly dirty, I mean how dirty can a 2 year old REALLY inflict on a house?), of the Rambler!....

Rambler told the blogging world yesterday she had the secret of all secrets to spill, that lives were gonna change, that people would never forget where they were today once they hear what the Rambler has to reveal.

Babs Waahtahs: Sooo, Rambler, you look tired? Has this secret been eating you up inside?

Me: What? (insert sigh) Baba, I work long hours, my 2 year old took the biggest poop of her toddler life, my husband....

Babs: Oh, how nice, how about you just tell us what we came here for!

Me: Well, here it is...

Babs: Yes, yes, look into the camera if you don't mind, (I feel an Emmy coming on for this big reveal)

Me: My mother is getting married!!!!!!!!

Babs: (mouth open, rips mic off dress, stands up and scrambles over toys and toys and more toys toward the door) WHAT! I gave up the Olsen twins Secret to skinny! For THIS?! Who cares if your mothers getting married?

Me: What you said about my mama?

The Rambler leaps faster than any human possible and takes Babs down!

Me: No one talks about my mama like that! EVER!

Lil Rambler joins in....and sticks out her tongue and blows...(I swear I don't know where she learned that from)

Lil Rambler: Bad Babsie, Bad! (while batting Babs with her plastic bat)

Cops show up, Rambler and lil Rambler are taken away to Naughty Girls Corner for 5 years, I mean minutes or until Daddy Rambler can bail us out...whichever comes first?

Babs asks cameraman if he got everything...that fight might make it on Youtube and be the next hit!
On a more serious, Hallmark-y way.

My mother has been "single" since the 80's. She dated off and on, but put most of her effort into raising three children. Tough, if you consider how obnoxious we were.

Her call, (expected as we talk sometimes too many times throughout the day), came while at work. I happened to answer and I think this is how it went,

Me: Hi Mom!
Her: Guess what?
Me: What? (while I have a multiple chat with a co-worker in my office... OOO that dress is so you!)
Her: Guess who has a ring?
Me: What?! Middle sister got a ring?
Her: No, ME!
Me: Whoa. OMG! YOUR GETTING MARRIED?!!! What, What, Where? Mom, I gotta go before I start bawling at work.
Her: Yes, I gotta call your sisters.
Me: Tell FLS to call me immediately after you tell her!

We've joked that we have to book an appointment to have some kind of physical interaction with our mother since her courtship that led to this moment with our soon to be stepfather. But secretly....she deserves it.

She deserves to have found a man that adores her, quirks and all. That when we all go home, she has him to snuggle with (sorry sisters, but you know your happy about that too!). She has him. Now that we are all gone, and have started to give her grandchildren.

my LBS (last baby sister), FLS, me on wedding day, Mom, Stepdad :)

For the mother that has always put us first, tried to give us every rainbow, every bit of adventure even on the rainy days....WAAAHHHHH, we are so happy! :)

And that folks, is all she wrote! I promise :)

**disclaimer...we here at the Rambler household do NOT condone violence. Only when provoked will the adult members protect and defend.

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Kalei said...

great commentating. I would've kicked babs butt also. What did she say about our mama?! Hey Babs, I wanna show you something in my unfinished basement.....what no we don't need to turn the lights get the drift, don't no one say anything about my mamma or my sisters, unless you want what happened to babs to happen to you! =) mom, Congrats! I love you, and Sis, you are truly gifted in writing.

The Happy Mom said...

Congratulations to your mom! What exciting news for your family. She sounds like a great lady who deserves much happiness in life! :)

Maki said...

Aww so happy for your mama and you!! You must be sooo excited and so happy!!! Oh this is such a wonderful post:)

BTW, you look gorgeous!!!!


Susie said...

Congratulations on being Saucy! Enjoy the week:-)

ella said...

Girl you are FUNNY. I love to catch a super fresh voice and will be back to read more.Visiting from SITS--have a great week!

KDLOST said...

CONGRATS on being saucy! Great pics and PRECIOUS blog! :) Cheers!

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Congrats on being a Saucy blog!

My mom got remarried 4 years ago and I know exactly how you feel. My mom had been single since 1976! It will be a very fun experience!

Gaspegirl said...

Awww Congratulations to your Mom!

Noah's Mommy said...

Congrats on your sauciness...I think that would be a good thing to share with ole babs walters....

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Congrats on being saucy! Great blog.

Preston said...

Your mother is a very lucky woman. Congrats on being saucy!

i'm black betty said...

congrats on being SAUCY!!!

Dots said...

He he he... very nicely captured conversations :)

Shanda said...

Congrats on your big news & being Saucy!!! What an awesome week you are having!

Katie said...

Congrats on the wedding news! Have fun being Saucy! :)

Becky said...

That's great news -- congrats to your mom!