Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dear (insert something) letters,

Dear Exercise,

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.


Overweight Ihateyou the Second.


Dear Wii Fit,

Yeah. I.fuhreaking.know.


Shamed while couch potatoing it with a box of wheat thins.


Dear Punk Kids on the Freeway,

Driving with a car in each lane and slowing down the traffic so no one could pass you guys for 10 exits?



Anxiety driven, over tired mother


Dear Weather Gods.

Please be nice on Sunday. BFF's wedding day. Please?!


Willing for it to storm many days in hopes on one great day for Sunday


Dear Husband,

Enjoy your 'work' trip on the East Coast for two weeks.


Your "Don't worry I got it" Wife


Dear Cousin in Law,




Dear Blog,

Gonna be a busy week. Might be missing under a slew of activities this next two weeks.




Dear Blog Friends,

Wanna try to win a homemade warming pad? See my sister's blog.


Nepotism runs strong here at MRT, Inc.



29 ramblings of your own:

DiPaola Momma said...

Dear Big Fat Butt,

I hate you, no matter how much I run on the rat-mill, pump iron like a boy at the gym, play zen at yoga class, and deprive myself of my life force by shunning chocolate you just won't go away. Get lost already and hey take the sagging boobs and that strange flap of flesh apron around where my tummy should be, WITH YOU!

Sincerely (seriously!),

DiPaola Momma

Liz Mays said...

Shoot, you are gonna be busy. You needed those wheat thins to get you through this! I'm convinced of it.

Shorty said...

Yeah, my Hubby has one of those 'work' trips too this Sunday, will be gone for the week. 'i got it' covered at mi hacienda, too. How does this keep happening to us???? I hope your Hubby will at least be bringing home a paycheck from the 'work' trip. My Hubby will just be 'making contacts' for future business.

Go figure.

Saskia said...

I feel snowed under too! I think it's the time of year. Everyone has colds too... :(

Hope you have a fantastic time at the wedding!

Saskia xx

Yankee Girl said...

I too hate exercise and am allergic to the gym.

That being said, it always makes me feel better after I do it, which makes me hate it even more.

jmt said...

Love You Long Time!! I'm at work giggling. Thanks.

mo.stoneskin said...

You were eating 'wheat thins'? No idea what they are but 'wheat fats' sound much better. With chocolate maybe?

AiringMyLaundry said...

My WiiFit is so mean to me. It's always liked, "So why did you gain weight?" It's just so RUDE.

Synergy Girl said...

You are too funny!! I hope all goes well with what all you have going on!!!

MammaDucky said...

I'm actually not speaking to my WiiFit. Nobody talks to me that way, NOBODY.
We, as Moms, should get work trips. Let's set that up.

debi_in_Hawaii said...

My big fat stomach, I hate you. My stretchmarked thunderthighs, I hate you.

And to think I'm only 4 weeks prego {{{{SHUDDERS}}}}

RT said...

I am GLAD to be here! Maddie is having fun with us too (I hope?) See you after work
Cousin-in-law/wifey for the week

Mrs. M said...

Haha! I am hating exercise right now too, and my Wii fit is just a big dust receptacle!

Anonymous said...

Love your letters.

Good luck with everything the next two weeks!

Kalei said...

Haha, Thanks for the plug on the Warming pad. It's not the best skills, they are just ways to avoid cleaning.

Amy said...

Dear Belly Fat,

I hate you. I hope this diet works so that I never see you again. This letter would be addressed to excercize but I've decided I hate you even more than exercize.

Sincerely, Hope This Works!

Claudya Martinez said...

Hope the wedding is fantastic!

Shawn said...

Dear body,
I can't believe that I have to cut out ALL carbs just to lose a few lbs.----why can't I just eat what I want?


I feel your pain.

Pseudo said...

What a busy week you are having. Love the letter format.

Housewife Savant said...

Here's to beautiful weather for a wedding!
On behalf of all of Southern Illinois I'll take a day of rain on BFF's behalf.
No need to thank me. That's how I roll. said...

Holy crap, you crack me up so much. Water shot out my nose just now, love it!! :)

The Blonde Duck said...

Those are so funny! Hope it shines on the wedding day!

Fiauna said...

Hahahaha. Hahaha. Wii fit. Yeah, I know too.

Mammatalk said...

You sound swamped. I will cross my fingers for good weather for that wedding!

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Dear Rambler,
Have fun at BFF's wedding!
No Rain in Oahu, Weather Gods, Got That!
Okay, cool, good to go-
Best Always, Martha

Anonymous said...

My hubby got me wii fit for my birthday and I haven't opened it yet.....

Ms Perfect said...


Leslie said...

Yea... I have the same problem with my Wii Fit too. Now can someone tell me now why we all spent our money on it?

Anonymous said...

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