Friday, January 08, 2010

Cough, sniffle, blow, cough, sniffle, blow

What do you do when both adults in the house are completely sick?

And the only able bodied person in the said home is a 3 year old?

Mr. Flu & Mrs. Eff You came knocking hard core at me and Mr. Rambler's body and soul yesterday. My husband called out sick from work and so rightfully "rock/paper/scissor" 'd it to see who would take the little one to school, feed her, cloth her, bath her.

Who am I kidding?

My husband acted like the world stopped until he could resume normal life as soon as he started his fever of not wanting to live. One night...I gave him one night of being an invalid. ONE NIGHT. The next two days? No sympathy from another sick person. None, zippo.

If I hear..."I'm sick...." one more time from his lips, my sanity will pack up and leave for good!

Therefore, Supermom, had to 'pretend' she wasn't as sick as 'dead to the world man' and continue to do all things that NEED to be done for a three year old. (Supermom=Me)

And I say God Bless her my little Rambler because...

If she could have made her school lunch for mommy...She would have.

If she could have started her own shower to wash off the days yucky's, dry off and dress herself in her PJ's...She would have.

If she could have made dinner for herself....she would have.

If she could have taken the car to preschool on her own....she would have.

If she says "You Otay Momma?" one more time....I'll cry. (from appreciation that she want's to make sure I'm okay...which drives me to make sure she's okay.)

So 2010...your looking REAL good here. REALLLL good.


And a belated Happy Birthday to my sister Antibloggedy who hasn't been blogging much lately but hopefully will get back into the spirit of things.

36 ramblings of your own:

Mighty M said...

Haha! My year is off to the SAME start. Except at least my husband is healthy.

Yankee Girl said...

Men are such babies when they are sick!

Leave it to women to do whatever needs to get done while men whine the time away.

Hope you feel better soon!

Your little one sounds like a dear.

Funny in my mind said...

we have only been sick at the same time once in 20 years and it was bad. His mom helped us out or the kids would have croaked! Hope you feel better soon and also that the baby doesn't get it after you guys!

Karen said...

Men are such babies!

Hope you're feeling better!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Men are such wimps whent they are sick. One time I had walking pneumonia and hubs said he could not go and ickup my prespcription as it would make him late for work. I have never let himlive it down.

Katie Lane said...

No fun. But this post was a little funny. Aren't men such babies when they are sick?! Get well soon :)

Working Mommy said...

I hope you and your hubs get better soon...and your little one is super cute - checking to make sure you're okay!


lagirl/sweet tea said...

It's these days when you phone Grandma, or rent a Grandma, whatever it takes to survive.
I don't envy you, BTDT.

Shan said...

Dear Rambler, I don't know what you're complaining about... sick husbands just need extraordinary amounts of love and attention and it's our duty, nay our honor to...

Okay, he's not standing behind me right now. The coast is clear.

My sick husband could out-wimp your sick husband any day (it ain't right, ya'll).

I hope you're feeling better soon (which, of course, translates to something like, "I hope your husband realizes how amazing you are to take care of your darling daughter when you were *at least* as sick as he is!").

Hugs :+)

BLOGitse said...

Men are babies but who brought up those babies - women!!!
Who did wrong and where?
We women? in the beginning of the relationship?
We give and do everything, don't we?
How difficult is it to change the rules - he's been the one and only and now he has to share his woman with a child/children.
And when he's sick he can act like a baby and get our attention and care.
We women automatically take care first of the baby/babies and after that ourselves...
Men? Why do we have to TEACH them, why they don't have that IN them?
(this is generalization!)

The Mommyologist said...

You are SO right! Men are such a pain in the rear when they are sick! My hubby will just lay in bed all weekend without asking me if this is acceptable, yet when I'm sick, I am still expected to do everything! Stopping by from SITS!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. I hear ya. I get sick and yet manage to maintain a semi-normal routine. Hubby then gets sick with what I just had and it's like the world is ending!

Mox said...

Feel better! Men are the biggest freaking babies. Gah.

Martha said...

You poor babies!! Your little Ramberlina is BEYOND Cute!!!
I hope you feel better soon.
Happy Bday to your sweet sis.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Coming to you by way of SITS. I know exactly what you are talking about. My husband is the worst. He lays in bed and moans...
Not softly but very loud. Just to make sure that I hear him. Much rather take care of a sick child than him. When I am sick I would rather be left alone. I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

My husband is a big baby when he is sick too.

Good luck!

Two sick adults is the worst.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

How cute is your little one? It's so sweet that she got maternal on you.

Nancy C said...

That sweet little girl...I love that she mommied her mommy.

Being sick when the kids are sick? THE WORST!

Shawn said...

It is so hard when parents get sick! I still remember when I got pneumonia the last time---and my little guy was just perched on the edge of my bed---and I had munchies on the nightstand to last for the day----I was out of it---sleeping!

Stepfanie said...

haha I love it. If I hear "I'm Sick" one more time. Funny :-)

Mox said...

P.S. Come visit me I have a little som-m som-m for you.

Unknown Mami said...

My husband gets sick every two months and I must seem like a monster because I no longer have any sympathy.

Your daughter is a sweetheart.

DiPaola Momma said...

Oh Grasshoppah that SUCKS but at least you live in LOVELYville as opposed to us freezing our patookasses off here on the main land. MISS YOU!!!! FEEL BETTAH kay

Brittany said...

I hate sick boys!
Tissue leaving... SICK BOYS!

Hope you are feeling better!!!

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kanishk said...

Leave it to women to do whatever needs to get done while men whine the time away.

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Muppet Soul said...

Men are, ironically, such pussies.

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