Wednesday, March 30, 2005


"Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken."-Frank Herbert

Change! Is it true? If no change in your life happens, do you just sleep through life, not really experiencing everything life has to offer? If not everything, even half of what life has to offer? I've made some big changes in my life that I feel affected my life for the better and can only imagine what type of person I would be today if I was to scared to "change" my life. It gets me thinking more about people that don't make the change that I made and feel so sorry that like the above quote says, these people will sleep through life without change!

My friend made her first steps of change toward her career. We've all talked how we can't stand our jobs, (who doesn't), how our bosses treat us, how we never make the money that we all truely deserve. But now, she is taking the plunge and happy for her that she is changing to improve her quality of life in a small sense. If only, I could get around to it.

All of us have choices in most everything we do. I always tell my employees that. You can choose to come to work on time every day, do a good job and come back for another shift, OR you can come to work late all the time, do a crappy job and eventually lose your job (in some places this can happen OK!) You chose your path in life so to all that read, I hope you chose happiness, chose change because it's not always a horrible thing. No matter how hard it is to take that first step.

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