Saturday, May 21, 2005

La Familia

Okay, so almost all of my family is here for my cousin's wedding. And I mean everyone except 1 uncle and his wife and kid...(sounds so impersonal, I do mean my aunt and cousin). Anyway, my grandparents, my aunt have all arrived this week to help with the festivities. Not only is my cousin Brian getting married June 4th, but his sister Leigh (the fourth sister in my part of the family) is throwing her son's 1st birthday party! In Hawaii, it's a big tradition to throw the biggest, baddest party for your child making it to it's first significant milestone.

I don't mean like just 20-30 people over with a cake and some presents, but a big blown out affair to envy with some insane amount of over 200 hundred people. Of course, my little one year old cousin will never remember this, but who says the party is really just for him! This is a great reason to get people together that haven't seen each other in years. Thankfully, my cousin Leigh made this a non-alcoholic event so nothing to crazy will happen, unless someone sets up a trump card game, than we are in trouble.

I don't think I will be able to afford a party for myself ever in that magnitude! (I'd love to but my bank account just can't afford it) I hope my child (if ever) understands that mommy will be baking a cake and inviting over whoever still lives on the island for family over! I'll decorate the crap out of the living room.

Anyway, it's super nice having my whole family down. LIke I said before in my old post, (Wedding Bells) we are an interesting family.

Gotta go, things to do, so little time!

The Rambler.

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old person said...

Amazing chicken skin story related to (R/T) Brian's wedding on June 4th. Auntie Winona called to say she was out of town but just got back to find the invitation. She wanted to tell us that she and 5 others will be there for the wedding. She went on to say that up until she received the invitation, she was having a hard time. As it turns out she and Uncle would have been married 50 years this year and prior to his death had been planning a big anniversary luau. By the way---Her anniversary date is June 4th. Coincidence? Brian tells me that the date was the only date open at the site where they are getting married. I think Uncle may have planned it all along. It was meant to be.