Thursday, August 25, 2005

digging for ??? And girls night...

Okay, so I know all I've been blogging about is my dog, but since it's just been him and I he's pretty interesting to watch. So I gave him a treat, and he likes to sit on the edge of the bed and munch on it. But today, he went to the pillows and started to mock dig to "hide" his treat from me so I wouldn't touch it. It was quite funny. Than he started barking at either the pillow or his treat to tell it to not move. I loved it.

So, of course I thought it funny to get the camera and take some pictures and he poked his head out to see what I was up to! This was the look!

What are you gonna do! There just so damn cute. I can hear my friends and family saying that I need to get a life or something in reference to my patheticness (did that make sense?)

So Sunday night some of the girls came over to have some dinner, wine, dessert (yummyyy) and get some hair and makeup stuff together for the wedding.

First, we got kinda gourmet and had some artichoke that my mom taught me to make (soo easyyy, there's hope for me yet), Caesar salad, home made bruschetta (I'm still eating it by the way ana), garlic french bread with melted mozzarella cheese, white and red wine which didn't go the way we intended it to.

Than we took a break from know so we could enjoy dessert. So, we decided it was time to do some hair and makeup on me. Ana took to getting my hair straight...see picture below.

Aren't I crazy for putting this up?

Than I took one later on that evening so you could see the hair straight and the magic that ana's hands have in them!

Normally, I have crazy curly hair that sometimes has things in them. During this straightening of the hair ana found the white hair? Holy crap, I've never had one before. NOOOOOOO> so of course we took a picture of that on Denise's shirt so all could see. My first white hair.

Do you see it? D's finger is pointing right at it? It's short so ana said maybe its from wedding planning...(right...)

Well, I have bored all of you to death but I'll write later.

love love...and for dessert we had vanilla ice cream, pastry shells filled with vanilla pudding, creamy whip cream and fresh strawberries along with strawberry sponge cake served with creamy whip cream and fresh strawberries. And yes, we ate it all! Oink Oink

Thanks to the girls for dedicating their time and tummies for a fun night.

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Becky said...

Your pics were still on Dee's camera the other night, so I saw them and you looked great (loved the make-up, too).

I hear ya on the dog posting. I really want to post a video of my boys playing, but everytime Reese hears the camera turn on, he stops and just stares at me and won't move.

older sister said...

Yes your 'son' is some dog...Reminds me of Odie on the Garfield cartoon.
Glad you had a wonderful girls needed that.

White hair..I could write a book. Thank god for Loreal...I forget what my real color is. Sometimes I think a big paperbag is just perfect, with holes for my eyes and mouth..You still have a LOT of young years ahead..Trust me...

Love you....

old person said...

When is Matt coming home? And yes, your dog is so cute. Love your hair, are you getting excited?

RT said...

Uh hello! I LOVE girls night! next time fly me out for it. =)