Saturday, August 20, 2005

We're sad and looking for one of our "pack".

So Matt went off to Rhode Island for work. siggghhhh. Me and the dog are pretty sad, cause we haven't been without him over 4 years (for me, 1 year for Mookie). So not only am I looking outside for Matt, so is his doggie "son". Daddy is his alpha male.

I'm such a baby. I actually cried all the way home after dropping him off at the airport. I realized how much I do enjoy him being at home. Even if he is always scolding me for a messy house. (yes mom, he like you is always on my butt for turning off lights, folding my clothes..etc..)

Well, here's to the next couple of weeks without him.

The Rambler and her sad looking doggie!

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RT said...

Oh! Mookie looks so sad. Would you like to borrow Kalani?

Anonymous said...

I'll borrow Kalani... hehe. Kidding RT. Unless he cleans house. If not, Selena doesn't need him either. ;)
He'll be back before you know it girlfriend!
luv y'all, the maid'o'honor