Friday, August 12, 2005

One thing down....10 million more to go

Today was wedding dress shopping day!

First I woke up, got out of bed (and mind you not one drop of grouchy), showered, (the least that I could do) and met up with my maid of honor, Ana. We started with coffee to get us going, sat and chatted and mapped out the day's events.

I proudly showed her (more like she checked it while I was getting coffee) the bridal binder which had been filled out, ideas about the wedding inserted, to do stuff crossed off and complete. We were going to go and feed her bosses cat cause she was house sitting, but decided since the first shop was near us, we'd head there.

About 1 1/2 hour later or more, we found THE dress. Called mom for seal of approval and arranged to pick her up after work for the OK stamp. Even bridesmaids dresses were found, which was great! The list of to-do's is getting shorter.

We ate lunch, more like inhaled the sushi and ice cream for dessert. (yikes ladies, don't worry!) and had decided before lunch to check out this floral shop we both heard of....Well after such a tiring meal, we opted for a nap back at her place in the most comfortable bed I have ever been in. When people want optimal napping/sleeping time, go to her house. I drooled once my head it the pillow.

So, naptime over, we speed over to pick up mom and down to the dress shop to meet up with my sister and good friend. I love the seamstress lady, she's so nice and actually laughed at my stupid jokes. (not everyone does, so it was nice to be appreciated.) Put the dress on and mom's loved it. 50% down and the day was done.

So, big load off my mind!

Military style working out for me being created by maid of honor lies ahead.

Hope my cousin fares well with her dress tomorrow! Good luck Leigh!

Happily ever after,


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old person said...

Oooh, you go girl. have fun, fun, fun.

older sister said...

I had fun too....After seeing that dress I could never, ever do justice in trying to make one. It was absolutely beautiful. I LOVED the bridesmaid dresses. I think I can do it. Just need to nail down the color, and fabric and start EARLY.....Sage(green) was really beautiful with everyone's skin tone...
Way to go....

Becky said...

Congrats on finding your dress. That's probably the most challenging part of the entire process. What color did you choose for the bridesmaids?

The Rambler said...

still deciding on colors. I was thinking lilac/lavendar (why one color had 1 million different names) but after the girls tried on bridesmaids dresses, my mom and I fell in love with the sage/lettuce (and whatever else name) colors. Ana and my sister looked so damn hot! but of course.

RT said...

How exciting!!! Congrats!!! Are you on a countdown yet?? I'm on a countdown for my big sisters wedding that is in about a month, but we are off to vegas in less than 2 weeks for the bachelorette party. Too bad sammy wont be there by then! Keep blogging about the wedding, its the only way I can catch up and keep your lovely cousin informed.

Tell everyone hello!!!