Saturday, August 13, 2005


I work in a restaurant as those of you who know me know. And we are in the heart of Waikiki and I get to meet the most interesting people. Some nice, some not so nice and some I'm not quite sure what category to put them in, oh yeah and there's the your stupid and obnoxious category.

Today was one of those stupid and obnoxious category days. I was working the retail shop register today (cause of course one of my staff members did not show up!) and this one man kept saying our rivals name in regards to >>>

"Too bad, you don't give a military discount like {rival}?"

Almost hoping by saying that I will give it to him. So, because he wasn't specific, I say to him,

"We do give a military discount in our restaurant for dining!"

Big smile by me. Think of gleaming teeth if you can. Usually the normal ones stop there.

The man kept up.

"No, I mean for your t-shirts, like {rival}" Did you have to say their name again?

"Oh, sorry, but hey these $5.00 t-shirts your getting is still a really good deal considering their usually $24.00, betcha {rival} doesn't have that?" says me, with the smile becoming less gleaming! Now, I've gone and said their name.

"I guess your right, but weird that {rival} does both and you guys don't!"

I did everything I could not to throw the shirts at him and call him a cheap f--ker. He pays for his items totaling $15.21 (with an original price of $75.00). My chipper personality had disappeared by then and he tried to reconcile by making small talk about them just coming to the islands. I smile back and say

"How nice"

As he and his family are about to leave, he sends his daughter back in for a job application and jokes about getting a employee discount. Those five dollar shirts would be like two dollars he exclaims. I didn't have anymore energy to fight and say that our discount doesn't work on these insanely low priced t-shirts. I just smiled and got his daughter an application and as they walked out the front doors, he told her, loudly so I could hear,

"Cool, you could work here OR {rival}!"



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Becky said...

What a jackass. Even though I grew up in a military family, I'm not really sure why they deserve all these discounts around the island any more than a kamaaina.

RT said...

You my friend are very patient. Sometimes I think I have a slight case of turrets (sp?) when it comes to idiots and obnoxious people. =)