Monday, August 15, 2005


Today at work, I and my staff were called thieves by a woman, her husband and their 7 year old daughter. This is how my days starts.

First table of the day. They eat, pay their bill and leave. Busboy finds a wallet on table. No problem, guests leave things all the time. Even their own children which happened 3 nights ago. Busboy runs after them but can't find them on the street, comes back up and gives the wallet to the server to give to the manager. Before that happens the guest come back in! The bartender smiles and walks over and tells them they left a kids wallet on the table. 5 minutes later with the father having spread his kids money on the bar table he is yelling at me that there was more money in there and wanted to know what I did with it?

Excuse me? You left YOUR wallet here, I didn't steal it, as I think of a calm way to speak to him.

"Sir, we just found your wallet, and the busboy ran after you as soon as he found it, but couldn't find you on the street."

"Well, tell me where half her money is?" he sternly responds.

"I don't know what your implying but my staff this morning are some of my most trusted staff!" I say professionally and with confidence.

His wife pipes in...

"That's pretty sad that you have a bunch of thieves working here and you consider them your most trusted staff!"

It was kinda like a car crash. You want to look away, but you can't and everything seems to happen in slow motion.

"I'm sorry you feel that way ma'am but anyone could have gone to your wallet before we even got to the table to clean it, I'm not sure what you want me to do?"

" I want you to give me my money back!" she retorts. I almost see horns poking through her bleached blonde hair.

"How do I know what money was in there to begin with?" I ask her.

"Are you calling us liars?" she hisses now. Time to get the bigger guns of the restaurant, my assistant general manager.

We go through the same thing with my AGM as they did with me, and they got the same type of actions from him as me.

"How many busboys do you have working right now?" she practically spits in his face.

"One, ma'am." he says nicely.

"Than it's obvious who took it than isn't it?" I could not believe she said that.

The AGM and I started pulling apart the booth that they were sitting in and the parents sarcastically say to each other

"Right, our daughters money is going to fall out and be under your booth!"

My boss turned to her and told her we were just trying to help them find her daughters "missing" money. With that they started to walk out but not without telling a lady at another table to hold on to her purse tight, because we were a bunch of thieves!

And how was your day?

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old person said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day. The only thing you could do was offer to call HPD and file a report.

Don't worry, there are nicer people in the world. You just have one more bad incident to go and then nice people will come in to see you.

The young one said...

wow, that's pretty messed up. I almost wish I was there.

older sister said...

Tourist from hell.....Sounds like Harry Potter's Uncle & Aunt...and a female version of his cousin...Every dog has its day I say...Personnally I bet the little girl spent more of her money than she was supposed to or lost it...Just like she left it on the table.

Oh well just another day in paradise..Remember THEY have to leave here and go back where there are no beaches.

RT said...

Patience. Thats all I have to say. You have more patience than anyone I know!!!