Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Still Around

In this day and age where woman fight to be independent and show men we are just as capable as they are, some of that polite, "ladies first" genre has gone out the door.

I visited with my mother today at work to take care of some business. While there, I noticed some beautiful flowers on her desk so I asked who they were from and she responded "Steve!" (insert cheeky smile, Steve would be mom's boyfriend of at almost two years).

I asked "why, did I miss something?" (there always has to be a reason, right?)

"No" she says " just cause" smiling but trying to pretend not to.

Envy crept in for a moment before pride set in for my mother. Finally, she had someone in her life that treated her right! That took the time to let her know she was thought of everyday and not just the special occasion days. She joked that the men in the office said it was men like Steve that made them look bad. You know, cause their too lazy to get up, call a florist and send flowers just for the hell of it!

On my way out, the ride down the elevator was jam packed with people. As the elevator reached the lobby a man held his hand to the open door and let all the ladies out and commented "Chivalry will live in this elevator at least!"

It wasn't like it was such a huge day of this act all over the place but it was nice that it was still around.

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old person said...

I saw those flowers too. Sigh, some men are such romantics. Your mom deserves to have a wonderful love in her life. I'm happy for her. You know, I think men love to be surprised too!

Becky said...

I couldn't agree more. There's a difference between equal opportunity and treating people with respect. We do it for men, but in a different way than flowers or door holding. It's neck massages, watching the game with them, etc.