Sunday, October 26, 2008

Forever Young...

Every once in a while you watch something that tickles your insides and puts a smile on your face. Maybe even a tear at a moment that pulls at your heartstrings. Hi, my name is Rambler and I'm a movieaholic. I unfortunately can sit for a long time and watch movie after movie after movie. (When I get a chance.)

Tonight, I came across THAT movie. Called Young @ Heart. It's such a great documentary (in my opinion). Its about a group of seniors (average age of 80) from Massachusetts in a chorus singing covers of songs from Coldplay, James Brown, Clash...just to name a few. The premise of the documentary follows the chorus group for seven weeks and shows them preparing for a show at the local concert hall. You don't normally expect people their age to like the songs chosen but when sung together and hearing the words from their mouth just takes on this new animal of life. Their music director, Bob Cilman, seems to me to be their 'extra' son/grandson in life. But that doesn't keep him from holding the punches though on his crew of retirees if they need correcting when learning a new song. As one senior said, "Bob chews on nails and spits them on us!" They truly all adore each other and I commend this group for not making the ends of their lives meaningless. They got spunk and a great sense of humor.

This song below was my favorite performance sung by a "retired" retiree that no longer sang with the group due to health reasons. He was to sing it as a duet with another former member, but he passed away a week before the performance. A night or two before the concert another one of it's existing members who was a big heart of the clan also passed away. They dedicated this song to those two members. Song is called "Fix You" by Coldplay.

You know, my family and I lightly joke how active my grandparents are. (I secretly joke because I'm jealous) But when seeing this documentary I feel glad for them that they choose to live and not live that cliche of old people just sitting in retiree homes waiting to die. They both still drive (my grandmother freaks us out, but nothing dangerous), cook big meals for their kids and grandkids, go to the Y and exercise (grandma always shows us the latest move), Line dance (my grandfather used to be the "DJ" for their performances put as since joined them onstage). You can't help but wholeheartedly love them.

The oldest member of Young @ Heart (92) said about the mind..."If you don't use it, you lose it". I can't think of better advice.

Here's looking at you kid! (wink)
The Rambler

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Unknown said...

That's a pretty cool documentary -- one of my biggest fears is growing old and being bored and alone. I plan on trying to stay active in some way or another and continue trying to live, even if I'm not moving quite as easily as before.